Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On Louisville 2015

This was our third summer in a row visiting one of our favorite families in Louisville, KY. The boys honestly had the BEST behavior in the car on that leg of our journey. I did not have a single issue with either of them for the entire 11.5 hours. Amazing!

Sarah is always so good at making us feel super comfortable and she also takes us out to see places around the city. Just like the past few times, we had the perfect balance of relaxing and going on adventures. I had been super excited to eat at Tom + Chee (a grilled cheese sandwich restaurant that started in Louisville), so we made it there one of our first days. Their sandwiches are DELICIOUS!

We spent some time hanging out at Evan's house, playing Nerf battles in the basement (the boys' favorite thing to do), swinging in the backyard, watching PAW Patrol and riding scooters.

Sammy and I were having a snuggly moment alone on the couch and he asked me to make a creepy face. :)

On a rainy day, we headed to the science museum. It was AWESOME! The boys were in heaven. We saw a super cute movie in the IMAX theater and then explored the rest of the museum. This giant bubble maker was fun!

Sammy got some snuggle time with Sarah! So cute.

We made it back to a park the boys had enjoyed last year. Elijah was on top of the world.. er, a pyramid..

Before the park we took a 6-person bike ride on trails along the river. Eric was able to join us for this! He had been working the majority of the time we were there, so we were all excited to spend some time with him. The bike ride was an adventure! It was a lot of work, but so much fun (thank you, Eric, for doing most of the work)!

We squeezed in the Minions movie and we all thought it was adorable!

Here are all the boys! I love this picture. Maybe one of these years Dan's face will be included.. I'd love that!

Our time in Louisville was perfect. We can't wait till next year!

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