Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Carefully hopeful

Today was...uhhm, AWESOME! I noticed some major positive differences in Elijah today and I can't help but think this new medication might be helping. Dan and I are feeling cautiously hopeful. PLEASE pray with us that this med will help out our precious oldest boy and his family!

I'll give an example from the day..

We were driving home from Elijah's OT visit. Elijah typically earns a small toy at the end of each session if he has a good attitude. Today he picked out a figurine from the movie Home, which both boys loved. E was playing with the toy in the car and Sammy swiped it right out of his hands. I clenched up because 99% of the time, Elijah will respond to something like this with either a raised fist, head-butting, very harsh words...or all of the above. I turned my rear-view mirror toward him immediately in anticipation and I was SHOCKED at what I saw!

Elijah calmly said, "Sammy! You took my toy! Mommy...will you please help me figure this out?!" Uhhh....WHAT?! I talked them through it and gave Elijah huge high-fives and praise. Wow! 

The entire day was filled with scenarios like this. I have been praying all day that this is not a coincidence. Please, God! Please pray with us. We are very cautiously hopeful tonight!

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dxeechick said...

i am so hopeful right along with you!