Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today was another good day! For the second day in a row, the evening hours were peaceful. I have not described our evening hours as "peaceful" in a very very long time. Could it be? Could this medication be helping? We are sooo so hopeful.

I've been super aware today, mentally noting every little thing about Elijah's behavior. Maybe these are things I would have just overlooked on an ordinary day, but.. I noticed some differences today (in addition to the attitude improvement and PEACE). Despite looking tired (yawning a ton), E never looked groggy or glassy-eyed. Usually when he is tired, he also has a zoned-out look and his eyes glaze over and he shuts down.

Today he also seemed to be MUCH more aware of his surroundings. On the way to an appointment this morning, he looked out his window and said, "LOOK! There's Valleyfair over there and LOOK how green those trees are! And there's the river!" On the way back home I noticed that he was craning his neck to look through the front window of the car. I asked what he was looking at and he said, "Weird! It looks like there are puddles in the road, but then they disappear!" These are things that I don't think he would normally observe, especially when tired.

We have regressed a bit with night-time pottying but we are still getting up multiple times/night, so he is definitely tired. If behavior is as good as this when he is tired, I pray that it can only improve.

There were many times tonight when I braced myself, ready for the usual showdown. When it didn't happen, I almost didn't know what to do with myself! I'm cautiously thinking of what I might be able to do with all of this extra energy!

Hopeful hopeful hopeful!

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Anonymous said...

I am wondering what med E is on. My son is suffering from anxiety and maybe depression - he recently started Zoloft, I think it might be helping some... Hard to tell.