Monday, April 26, 2010

Cardiology appointment

Please forgive me for posting some old photos from Easter..

I was able to go to Elijah's cardiology check-up this morning with my boys. Aside from his anxiety, everything went really well! Elijah has grown in height and weight, even just since his 3-year well visit two months ago. He is now 36 inches tall and he weighs 30 lbs!

They did an xray, an echocardiogram and took all the usual vitals. The only thing that was different from his last visit six months ago was that the pressures in his heart have increased just a tiny bit (from 30-40 to 45ish). This just means that he is slowly outgrowing his bovine valve, and of course this is totally expected. Dr. G said that he always expects to get at least two years out of a valve for someone Elijah's age (we hit the two-year mark a few weeks ago!), and that he always hopes for three or four years.

We don't have to bring him back in for another SIX MONTHS (woohoo!) and at that point he will get another heart cath, which will help determine the timing of his next open heart surgery. It sounds like OHS #3 could take place any time between a year from now and two years from now. The one symptom we have to keep our eyes open for with him is increased fatigue when he is exerting energy. If we were to notice this before next fall, we would obviously need to bring him in sooner. If you have been reading this blog at all lately, you will know that Elijah is currently NOT experiencing increased fatigue. :)

I was telling Dan on our way home that I just feel like we are extremely blessed with how well Elijah has done ever since he was born. He has some pretty serious stuff going on inside that body of his and it is sometimes so easy to forget that. Elijah has been so steadfast with his growth and healing and recoveries and we couldn't be more pleased with how well he and his special little heart have done over the past 3+ years.


lynette said...

I read your recent posts. I am glad to hear that things are going well.
I think that you should get as personal as you wish on your blog!
I love all of the pictures!

Lynette Duet
Cut Off, Louisiana

The Smith's said...

Pheeww! I know that sigh of relief feeling leaving the cardiologist's with a good report. I am so glad Elijah is doing so well and you have a bit of time before OHS #3. And I love that Elijah and Luke are just about the EXACT same size and height! I sure would love to see those boys play together.

Have a great week!

Cecilia said...

Just love those pictures of your little man, so adorable and cute!!!

Have a nice week!!!

mina said...

A six month reprieve, woohoo! And thank goodness for no big surprises. Holding my breath for another couple of years on that valve!

jencooper said...

Woohoo for good reports!! So happy to hear it!!

Lee Family said...

I amn so glad everything went well at the Doctors. Enjoy your week