Friday, April 2, 2010

29-week tummy and 30-week tidbits

My tummy last weekend, at 29 weeks..

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy! Somehow that seems like a huge milestone and I am so happy to have gotten to this point. I have nine weeks of bed rest under my belt and I am praying hard for nine more weeks! My c-section is scheduled for June 4th, which is exactly the 39-week mark, so let's hope that is our day to welcome Not-Zooter into the world.

My contractions have gradually over time become more frequent, but they still are nothing compared to what I was experiencing at this point in my pregnancy with Elijah. I usually get no more than one per hour, sometimes two per hour depending on the time of day. I have been able to move around MUCH more during this bed rest (compared to Bed Rest of 2007) and I am so thankful for that. I usually take it easy for most of the day and if I have had a good day I get up to play with Elijah a little bit in the evenings and even sit at the table with my boys for dinner. I have even been making one or two small trips out of the house every week if my body is cooperating (and with my doctor's blessing). This little bit of freedom I have helps immensely!

Nine weeks ago I was a pretty huge emotional wreck, so I feel really good about how things have panned out so far. Bed rest is limiting and frustrating at times, but I'm incredibly thankful that my body seems to be responding well to the progesterone shots (and that I haven't needed any medication aside from the progesterone).

Here's to nine more weeks!!

p.s. Last weekend I got out of the house for a photoshoot we had been planning for Elijah. It went great! We strolled around the sculpture gardens in Minneapolis while the talented Gwen snapped photos of our munchkin. Anyway, please check out her blog post and leave a comment (if you haven't already) so we can get a free print!


Anonymous said...

Megan - YOu look AMAZING! Finally we get to see the baby bump! Thanks for posting the picture. :)
Sue from work.

Cecilia said...

You look fabulous!!!

mina said...

Checked out your photographer's blog, the pics are great! And you look cute as a button!

Hoping for another good nine weeks.

Dick Weiss said...

You look great, Hon. You and 'Not Zooter' take it easy. I love you
very much!
Do you know that you're the only one of my 4 that calls me 'Dad'?

Ehlan said...

What belly! :) You look great! Here's to 9 more weeks!!

Tina:0) said...

Okay, are you really pregnant?! You look amazing! Glad you're able to get out a bit & still have some play time with Mr. Elijah!

Those photos are fabulous! Hope you get that print!

Praying for 9 more weeks with you!Take care of yourself & give Mr. Elijah hugs from us!

Lee Family said...

Megan you look so good amazing.
And it does not even look like your pregnant!

I hope you continue to do so good. Gets lots of rest and I hope you when your free photo, I left Gwen a comment she did such a great job I loved all of the photos.
Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Easter!

Kathy said...

Look at you hot mama!
and...can I just add...that my THREE year POST baby bump is bigger than yours...

I need to buy some spanx now!

You look fabulous! I hope you're having a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Look at you and your cute little self! Your adorable... Praying with you for 9 more weeks!

jencooper said...

I am with Kathy! I look more pregnant than you do!! sigh.....

I am praying for Not-Zooter to hang in there for 9 more weeks!!

Love you guys!!