Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Elijah, will you please take your feet off the dinner table?" "NOOooooooooo!"

One of Elijah's favorite things to do is "essersize with Daddy" in the garage every night. He does great arm stretches and sit-ups!

Aside from the fact that every teeny weeny little thing in our house is met with resistance, things are going great! (I just keep telling myself that patience and consistency will eventually pay off. Right? Right??)

Ok, quick side question for all you moms and dads out there. Has anyone ever dealt with a child who likes to hit himself when he is frustrated/upset? HOW IN THE WORLD do we deal with this? It makes me crazy! Half the time he does it for attention and half the time I think it is his natural way of dealing with being frustrated.

Back to our week.. The weather is gorgeous, my contractions have stayed consistent and under control (less than 3-4/hour) and we know for sure that the baby is growing because I am getting bigger by the minute. In two days I will have reached the 34-week mark, which is so so awesome and today marks 13 weeks of bed rest. I have been really lucky with this pregnancy because I haven't been 100% stuck to the bed like I was last time. I definitely need to take it easy, and I do, but at least I can move around a little bit and that helps me tremendously when dealing with the emotional part of this ordeal.

That's about all we know! Soon things will get exciting, but for now it's pretty low-key around here. Aside from all the NOOOOOoooooo-ing, that is.


Kathy said...

oh...too cute! I need to get my bum up and essersize!

I have a heart friend here in town that hits himself too..actually two kiddos. These kiddos don't vocalize very well, so I thought they did it out of frustration...but, Elijah, that's odd. Maybe he is frustrated...even though he can talk...maybe there are things that he still can't express.

I haven't finalized plans..because I'm out of control like that...but, as soon as I do, I'll email you!

34 weeks is just wonderful! Keep cooking're doing an awesome job!

(I'm in the other room listening to Isaac and his school teacher...Isaac just screams at her. Who knew a sweet voice and new toys could be so stressful for a little guy?)
SO glad that Elijah likes school...

take care.

Lauren said...

My daughter used to bite herself when she was frustrated, upset, or when she got into trouble. For a while we thought it would never stop! We'd grab her arm away from her mouth and tell her not to bite and that she was hurting herself. Then we'd have to show her the bite marks on her arm and ask her how that happened. When she'd say "I did it" we'd tell her that it wasn't good to bite herself (or anyone else!).

It took a loooonng time for it to stop, but it's been at least 8 months now with no biting.

Shannon said...

My son is about the same age and he had been doing this lately. He will occasionally hit himself in the head when he is frustrated. My older two boys did this too.(They are now 9 and 7). It is never a hard enough that it hurts him, but it did bother me at first. I just keep reminding him not to hit himself because it doesn't hurt anyone but himself. My older kids outgrew it and I am sure my 3 year old will too. Hope this helps.

Lee Family said...

34 Weeks that is great. That is how long I made it with my twins. You are doing really good Mama..

If you have any idea on how to stop them from hitting themselves let me know. Because Logan does the same thing. I think it is because of frustration and attention that is the only thing I can think of.
I am trying to teach Logan to say no, I think I better think twice on that :)

Cecilia said...

34 weeks ... well done Megan!!!

I love the picture of your little man so so much, he is seriously cute!!!

Amber said...

I was going to say the same thing as Kathy...Grace used to bite herself...but it was totally due to not having words. Even then, we would ask her not to do it but didn't make a deal out of it because we didn't want it to become a power struggle.
I'm sure he'll out grow is tough to watch though.

Way to go momma...growing that baby so well! :0)

ThePicks said...

Love this picture soo much; he looks like a future body builder =) Too precious!

Glad you're having a low-key week and a BIG congrats on making it to week 34!!!!
The RA

Anonymous said...


It is so nice to see Elijah's progress and all that he has accomplished. He seems to be in the exact stage that Logan is in. The NOOO is very very familiar. You are such an inspiration. Hope your pregnancy is smooth and you are able to take home a healthy baby. I know that God is looking out for you and your precious family!

Kayla Poret