Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I don't know if it's his cold or a phase or an alien invasion or all of the above, but Elijah has been quite the defiant little boy this week. A lot of hitting, kicking, screaming, noooooo-ing and time-outing has been going on in our house. Weeeeee!!!

We are thankful that croup has not visited us yet this round of sickness. I pray about this constantly throughout each day.

Not much else to report. I mainly just wanted to get some cute pics posted.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Hello sweet friends,
Just a thought...do you think Elijah is "noooing" and "timeouting" cause baby is on the way? I remember when I taught preschool, several of my kiddos would act out -totally out of character for them- when their siblings were on the way/born. I would have never thought this was the case until I saw it with my own eyes...and with three different children! I really have no idea, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
Either way, Elijah sure is Mr. CUTIE PATOOTIE, and I love seeing pictures of him...even if he is screaming and kicking =)
Continued love and prayers,

Cara said...

You are surrounded by such good looking men! How do you stand it?! hee hee! Thinking of you all today and was happy to catch up on the latest.

Lee Family said...

ooohhh you are going through the same thing we are. Logan has been doing alot of hitting. Every time I go and put him in his feeding chair he hits me. I swear If I never fed the boy he would be ok about it. I am not sure if this is his way of expressing himself because he can not talk or what. Good luck though I fell your pain.

Cecilia said...

Love those pictures, so sweet!!! I hope Elijah's kicking, screaming and hitting will be gone soon.