Thursday, April 22, 2010

Check-up at almost 33 weeks

(I had someone mention to me recently that I get "too personal" on this blog, so now I feel like I should give a warning any time I talk about personal issues. I guess I don't know what is considered "too personal," so read at your own risk..)

Because of the complications we dealt with during my pregnancy with Elijah, I was seen at a high-risk perinatal clinic for all of my prenatal care. They were the best of the best, as specialized as they come and ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL doctors. I assumed I would be able to continue to see them with subsequent pregnancies, especially considering my age and history of complications, but nope! I have been going to a regular old OB clinic this entire pregnancy and it has been quite a different experience in many ways. The doctors at this clinic aren't bad doctors, they just are not what we are used to so it is sometimes difficult when we had such super high standards from our last experience.

"My" doctor is rarely running on time, so I always opt to see another doctor in place of her so we don't have to sit in her waiting room for two hours. I see different doctors all the time, and either they don't know who I am or what my history is or they say, "I think I've seen you once before, right?" This is frustrating because I come with some pretty heavy pregnancy baggage that I think is important to know and remember. At yesterday's appointment, I saw yet another new doctor because again, my doctor was "running way behind," and I got frustrated. I just didn't feel heard and I didn't feel cared for, especially since the end is in sight. No doctor has ever talked to me about a "plan," which I find a little bit frightening.

I'm trying to let it go. As long as they know what they are doing when it's time to deliver our baby I guess that is what matters. Next time (ha!) I will force my way back into that perinatal clinic. I wish I had been more persistent this time.

Anyway, everything checked out fine at my visit yesterday. The baby's growth was excellent! He is now in the 52nd percentile (up from the 40th!) and weighing 4 lbs, 5 oz!! My cervix looks good (is that too personal?) so the doctor wasn't too concerned about the increase in contractions I've been experiencing this week. I got the first of two betamethasone shots and will get the second one today. This will help the baby's lungs to mature in case I go into early labor. The doctor we saw yesterday thought I should easily be able to make it until 36 or 37 weeks, which would be wonderful!

As I said, my contractions have increased in frequency this week. I am now getting about 3-4/hour instead of the 1-2/hour I was getting for basically the first 12 weeks of bed rest. The doctor is comfortable with that number and doesn't feel medication is necessary beyond my regular weekly progesterone shots. I thought for sure I would be on the "big guns" meds by now, so it is a nice surprise that I have been able to avoid them. I remember not liking the side effects from them at all.

That is all for now! I go back in two weeks to get rechecked (maybe by a doctor I've yet to meet?) and by that time I will be getting very close! Yikes and woohoo, at the same time!!


Lee Family said...

What who ever said that does not know what they are talking about.. I enjoy reading your blog and what goes on in your life. I Don't think it is to personal at all.

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time getting good care. I know I had the best Doctors taking care of me during my High risk Pregnancy and it does help to have the best. It makes the process go alot smoother and you have someone that knows you and cares, And the same person "checking you out". I am glad to hear everything is going good and your Cervis looks good :)
Continue to get some good rest Mama you are going to need it:)

Lots of hugs coming your way.

Wendy said...

Hi Megan,

I'm so glad to hear that things are still going well! I think of you often and pray that "Zooter" will hang out a little while longer in there! ;) (Whoops, now I guess I'm getting too personal! Ha! Just remember on that note, that you can't please everyone with these journal updates...I hear the same stuff from people...sometimes I tone down my feelings and other times I think, "The heck with it, it's my journal!" ha!)

I love the photos of your sweet boy! They always melt my heart! And hearing about him riding the bus?! Oh my goodness...he really IS a big boy now! It's so cute that he enjoys it so much.

I was here reading your updates recently (sorry for the lack of a note!) But it was the story of you visiting the hospital and seeing the new cardiac unit. Can I just tell you that I was sobbing like a baby here at my computer??? I can totally relate to you breaking down there, since I wasn't there and I was having a breakdown just reading about it! ha! The emotions that we heart mommies feel when it comes to remembering what our babies have had to endure are so incredibly overwhelming...even years later. We are so blessed to have these precious miracles in our lives.

Give that amazing little boy a big hug from us, and take good care of yourself and little "Zooter." (Love the pig Kathy made, by the way! Isn't she talented?!)

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Cecilia said...

I love and enjoy reading your blog very much, thanks for sharing with us!

Take good care of yourself.

Hugs to you guys xoxo

Amber said...

Megan...was it a guy that told you that? It HAD to be...cause with us girls...there is RARELY too personal information!! ;0)

I'm feeling like I need to be there advocating for you! Oh my goodness...I'm slightly frustrated by this. You sound super good with it I'll talk myself off the ledge. :0)

Super glad you've made it to the final stretch! Way to go girl!!!

mina said...

Thank goodness for another week! Keep taking care of yourself.

And by the way, it's your blog, you can write what you like :)

Kendis said...

Glad the checkup went well. I can't imagine your little body having so many contractions all of the time! you are a trooper. Take care of that little peanut! Miss ya!

Kathy said...

oh my goodness...I wish you were able to stay with your perinatologist too (our told me I could come back even for annual exams if I wanted)...
that breaks my heart that you're not getting UBER attention...
at least your boys take good care of you.
You should have abs of steel after Zooter is born...with all those darn contractions! (the silver lining...)
I'm still working on the details of our next road trip.
I can't remember when her darn graduation's on a Sunday though, maybe May16th? I can sit with you and rub your feet, visit you and Zooter in the hospital...whatever's going on at the time...
I"ll keep you updated.
hug little man for me,

jencooper said...

Ummm....just my opinion...but it's YOUR blog....and you can write whatever you please. I don't think that you are ever too personal. I enjoy reading about what is going on!!

Great news on no big guns! I am hoping for more restful weeks for you!!

Love you guys!

Jennifer said...

"Read at your own risk.." LOL. I personally don't think you provide TMI, but that's just me. Besides, I love the details :) I'm so happy you've gotten to 33 weeks and your babe is growing. Still, it would be more settling for you if you had a single doctor watching out for you. Sorry to hear about your less than excellent experience. I'll be praying for you and babe #2 tomorrow and Sunday at church :)

aPortaMan said...

Next time!?!?!

Whooooaaaaaaa, whooooaaa, whooooaaa.

I think 4 is a great number :)