Monday, April 5, 2010


Today has an overall feeling of sadness. A new friend of ours (who I have asked for prayers for before) had a baby who went to Heaven on Friday. My heart aches..


On a different note, we had a nice weekend. My contractions have been staying in a comfortable zone (usually no more than 1-2/hour still) and that makes me very happy. I was able to tag along with Dan and Elijah to Dan's parents' house for a bit yesterday for Easter dinner. I snapped a bunch of photos of Elijah from the deck (you will be seeing lots of these this week) but otherwise didn't move around a whole lot and when we got home I felt like I had just finished running a marathon. My body definitely is not used to anything but being glued to the couch!

Elijah had a fun time playing in the dog kennel (that no dog lives in). He opened and shut the door to the kennel about 4,367 times. Opening and closing doors is a favorite activity.

Of course I had to get a few pics of my gorgeous hubby, too.

This is his fake mad face:

Elijah is still really hesitant about walking on bumpy surfaces. He will walk on grass if the surface is fairly smooth, but he will not walk on grass if the surface is uneven. This is what happens when we encourage him to try it:

I have spent two of the past three Easters at home, so I was worried that I would be spending this Easter at home, as well. I am extremely thankful that I have a little bit of freedom these days so I don't have to be cooped up 100% of the time.

I loved being able to spend a little bit of time with Dan's family yesterday. As always, Elijah got a ton of love from Grandma and Grandpa and his cousins. And his new word of the day was "resurrection," which sounded more like "wezzuweshin." :)

Many more Easter pics to come this week! Have a good week, everyone.


Lee Family said...

ah those pictures of Elijah crying are so sad..

I am glad to hear you were able to get out and have a nice time with the family it is no fun being home alone on Easter. Can't wait to see more photos of Elijah, I just want to eat him up he is so cute.

Have a good week.

Kathy said...

I LOVE your little man...
your picture taking skills are quite good young lady!

Glad you made it out of the house...that must have been such a relief!

Hugs to you all,

jencooper said...

Hahahaha!!! I love crying kid pictures!!

I am glad that you were able to get out of your house for a little bit.

I am so sad about Addison. I got that update this weekend....