Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daytime croup plan

I had been dreading talking to Elijah's daycare provider about the fact that he recently had a croup episode during an afternoon nap. I didn't want to scare her and I also didn't see a way to ensure he would be 100% safe if he had a croup episode away from home. I finally talked to her about it and within 24 hours she had gotten a used nebulizer from a friend and Dan and I had scrounged up some extra tubing/masks so she could have a second set of "croup supplies" at her house. Dan brought her a vial of our magic croup medication along with detailed instructions about how to handle an episode.

I feel a million times better! I am thankful that this didn't scare her, even when I told her how frightening and life-threatening his episodes can be. I am thankful that she IMMEDIATELY helped us to find a solution and that now she has what she needs at her home to help our little boy if he has an episode. I am thankful that MY peace was important to her and that I can breathe a little easier now. I am thankful that Elijah is such a loved, blessed little man!

It seems like I can't keep up with writing about all of the funny things Elijah has been doing lately. Yesterday I found some of the new baby's clothes (Elijah's old stuff) stuffed into the front of Elijah's shirt drawer in his bedroom. I guess he is trying to reclaim some of his old clothes??

Lately when Dan and I are chatting and Elijah wants to be a part of the conversation, he will say, "MAMA TALK!" In other words, I'M PATIENTLY WAITING FOR YOU TO STOP TALKING!

Last night we had cake and ice cream with a few family members to celebrate Dan's dad's birthday. Elijah was more eager than I've ever seen to get his hands on some cake and ice cream. He totally devoured it and asked for more ice cream FOUR times (he takes after his mommy!). Everyone thought the way he ate his ice cream was really funny. He picked it up like it was a cookie and took big bites out of it. :)

This week is really busy for me with work, so I have been working like crazy on my computer from the couch. Elijah doesn't have preschool this week (spring break) so he has been going to daycare and Dan is doing work for a friend. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL! Ahhh, this is what living in Minnesota is all about!


Amber said...

Peace of mind is a SUPER good thing! That yummy face and neck...it's almost torture to only get it in photos! :0)

You hit the nail on the head when you said that having a surgery date produces it's own fears.

I'm thinking it will NEVER get easier.

jencooper said...

So glad that you have a wonderful person taking care of your little man!! We love our daycare people too!!

We need to get our little comedians together! We would be cracked up laughing!!

Enjoy smooching on that juicy little neck!

Cecilia said...

So glad that Elijah has such an amazing and helpful daycare provider!

Smooch that lovely little face and juicy neck for me!

ThePicks said...

Lots of great news in this post! AND the photos are beautiful too! Relieved to hear all went well with the day care provider and croup prevention/treatment game plan!

Tina:0) said...

How do you handle looking at that face every day?! I must voice my jealousy of your opportunity;0)

What a relief that must be to know that Elijah is in good hands when not in yours!

Good luck with that busy work week... add my smooches in with everyone elses!