Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good days

I know it's not exactly reindeer season (thank goodness), but I had to capture our silly kid a few mornings ago as he ran around the house with his antlers and diaper on.

Oh how I love spring-like weather ("spring-like" = above 40 degrees)! Even if I am just enjoying the air as it floats through the open window by my couch, it is sooo wonderful. I was, luckily, able to get outside a little bit this weekend and truly enjoy the nice weather a tiny bit. Yesterday we did a photoshoot with a new friend and today I was able to join Elijah and Dan at the park. My contractions have behaved very well over the weekend, after a very scary and contraction-filled Friday. Again, there appears to be no pattern, ever, with these things. I just take each day as it comes and listen very closely to my unpredictable body.

Elijah is acting much more like his normal self these days. That does still involve a lot of unnecessary screaming, but we are in a much better place than we were a week ago when his little body was filled with those nasty steroids. He has been completely smitten with being able to go outside for the past week or so. Every time he comes inside, he starts yelling, "OUT OF HOME! OUT OF HOME!" It didn't seem to bother him one bit that it was 36 degrees this morning while we were at the park. This is what Minnesota winters do to people!

We have been so blessed with visits from friends and family lately and so many people have been generous with bringing over food (and books and flowers and nail polish and ice cream!) and we are just really thankful. We feel very cared for and that has such a huge impact on ALL of us. Thank you thank you!!

I'll end with my favorite Elijah saying from the weekend. As Dan was clipping his fingernails, Elijah said, "Click nails!" I thought that one was funnier than when he said, "Mommy tummy bigger!"


ThePicks said...

Oh, your little reindeer is adorable as usual! Love these photos and happy to hear you were able to take in some of the fresh air. I heard we might see 70 degrees this coming week; wouldn't that be a trip?!
Miss you!!!

Lee Family said...

40 degrees boy that is cold. It is going to be 89 here today. So I will wrap up some warm weather and send it your way.

Glad to hear everyone had a nice weekend and the contractions stayed at bay.

Cecilia said...

Look at those pictures, your little man is seriously cute!

Stay warm indoors!