Monday, March 15, 2010

27 weeks, 3 days

Isn't this happy face the best?

Well, my contractions have officially stepped things up a notch. Over the weekend they went from Mildly Worrisome to Moderately Worrisome (my own classifications). I am having a lot more of them, so I am hanging out on the couch as much as possible. I'm hoping I can stay out of the Seriously Worrisome stage for quite a few more weeks.

The time change did wonders for Elijah's sleep. He is now sleeping from 8:00-6:30, which seriously feels like HEAVEN. Speaking of Heaven, I'm still reading my Heaven book (by Randy Alcorn) and I love it to pieces. It is, as you said, Jesse, a life-changing book and and I think everyone should read it at some point. It has gotten me thinking about a lot of important things and it sure makes me think twice about some bad habits I have in my life. It is startling, yet GOOD, to be reminded that the road to Heaven is narrow and challenging, while the road to Hell is wide and easy.

Dan and I made a lot of progress with our house organization project this weekend. It's mostly all Dan. He does 99% of the work around here these days. We are almost ready for Not-Zooter to arrive, although we are still praying he stays where he is at for another 10-12 weeks. We have our cluttered garage and cluttered storage space yet to deal with and then we will be done with the big stuff!

Thanks for checking in on us! Have a great week, everyone!


Wendy said...

Hi Megan!

Just when I think your little guy can't get any cuter you post new pics! :) What a little sweetheart!

I loved reading about him being the line leader in school and getting so excited to see his mommy and daddy, and I love hearing that he tested out of speech!!! Way to go, Big Boy!!!

However, I didn't love hearing that your contractions are getting worse. :( I will certainly be keeping you and "not-zooter" in my prayers!!!

Hang in there, Megan...and try to enjoy your couch time as much as possible. Know that I'm thinking of you!!! Keep those adorable photos coming... :)

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Kathy said...

Park it on that couch FOR SURE....sorry to hear that you're having more contractions. What's up with you?? I think your babies are just too excited to come and meet their totally awesome parents! Elijah still calling the baby that?? I LOVE it!

He is the cutest munchkin ever! I just love seeing his smiling face.

Thanks for sharing...
and take care!

Cecilia said...

Just love the cute and sweet face of your little man! How adorable!

Hope your contractions get better soon!

Have a nice week!

Tina:0) said...

Okay, here's Miss Absent making a re-appearance:0/ Sorry its been so long!

Sounds like you need to really become bestest friends with that couch! Praying along with you that the contractions stay at bay & "not-zooter" stays in there!

Glad to hear that Mr. Elijah is doing so well in school! I just love those photos of him! Such a cutie pie:0) I agree with Wendy... I think he gets cuter every minute! Give him smooches from us & take care of yourself!

Lee Family said...

Thanks for sharing such cute photos of Elijah.

I am sorry to hear about your contractions. You just sit on that couch eat lots of Ice Cream and read some good books.

jencooper said...

Not-Zooter......stay put!!!! You have amazing parents and an incredibly cool big brother....but you can wait a little while longer to meet them!!

Hope that you are feeling better. I am eating some strawberry cheesecake B&J in your honor!!

Sarah said...

Glad you got some things ready. I know that must make you feel better. I'll be saying some prayers that the contractions cut back some and that baby Zooter stays put for 10 more weeks or so. Hugs to you. Your book suggestion might have to be my next read.