Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today marks seven weeks of bed rest for me. I really cannot believe it has gone so fast. The seven-week mark is significant because that is exactly how long I was on bed rest when I was pregnant with Elijah. Last night I laid in bed and tried to remember the details about my bed rest three years ago. Some things are similar, but things are also much different this time.

My body continues to perplex me. I had three of my worst contraction days yet last weekend (more than 15/day), but the past three days have been much better. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to these silly things, so I think I will stop trying to figure them out. I have been trying to get up and move around a bit more on my good days because I don't know when the good days might come to an end. If/when they do, I will literally be stuck to my bed like I was for the entire seven weeks during Bed Rest #1.

I have so many funny Elijah things I want to write out, and I will do that soon. Thanks for checking in!


Ehlan said...

Thinking of you!! Watch a good movie for me today. :)

Lee Family said...

Seven weeks it has gone by fast. I am glad to hear things are going good. Keep it up. Prayers & hugs coming your way

ThePicks said...

wow, seven weeks already; great job Megan!! Glad you're still able to move around a bit on the good days! As usual, these pictures of Elijah are too cute!

Cecilia said...

Sending our love way!!!

Lovely pictures of Elijah as always!