Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our munk-is man

Elijah has been LOVING his little computer that Dan's mom gave him for his birthday. He can sit with this thing and go through each letter and each day of the week and each little game. He has such a great attention span and I love that he is learning while playing.

I had the chance to go with Dan to pick Elijah up from preschool this week. There is not anything cuter than seeing my little boy walk around the corner with a giant smile on his face and as the leader of the line. As soon as he saw us he yelled, "MOMMY-DAD! MOMMY-DAD! MOMMY-DAD!" We had a chance to talk with his teacher briefly and she said that he is doing wonderfully in class. He already knows the routine to a T, so after each activity he will exclaim what's coming next: "Circle time!" "Play time!" "Snack time!" She also said that during gym time he has a favorite little car that he likes to drive around the gym. If someone else is using it, Elijah will follow the car around until the other child gets out. :)

Dan and I just played a little bit of Wii (archery is fun from the couch!) and while we were doing that, Elijah took the nunchuck controller and draped it around his neck and said, "DR. GREMMELS!" He is right! Dr. G does always have a stethoscope around his neck. :) I just can't believe that he remembers things like that.

I'll end with some funny new Elijah translations:
backpack = "bock-bock"
tummy ache = "tummy-cake"
picnic = "pick-pick"
knife = "wife"
munchkin = "munk-is"


Cecilia said...

Elijah is so bright and smart, I bet you and Dan are very proud of him.

Have a nice weekend!

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Sarah said...

I can imagine the cuteness you saw when picking him up from school! So glad he is doing well there.