Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bye bye, Gammie

Check out the tickle gloves ("glubs") and tickle monster book that our friend Cara dropped off for Elijah! There is not a better kid to receive tickling paraphernalia.

We said goodbye to "Gammie" this afternoon. Elijah is going to need some adjustment time. He has enjoyed every single moment he has gotten to spend with her. Paula, thank you for everything you did for us while you were here!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and the rest of our week we will be getting back into the groove of our normal routine.

I forgot to say THANK YOU to everyone for the great reading recommendations and for the ice cream recommendations, too! I will update both lists again in a few weeks!

My awesome cousin Trevor stopped by last night to drop off three of my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors (could not possibly have been more thoughtful and perfect..thank you so much, Trev!), so I'm going to go dig into those now while Elijah finishes his dinner.


ThePicks said...

Awww, those gloves are super cute! Glad Elijah enjoyed all his "gammie" time so much!

Lee Family said...

I am glad things are going good. It is always sad to see gammie when she has to leave.

Good Luck on your doctors appt.

Cecilia said...

I love those gloves they are so so cute!

Good luck with your doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Kathy said...

I SO wish I lived closer.
I know you guys will miss Gammie...good luck getting back to "normal". I need to get my bum in gear and make my little buddy a Zooter shirt. I WILL, I WILL...
keep telling me to move it!
I hope you have a great week Megan...that you enjoy your couch time, that Elijah brings you lots of toys to play on the couch with, and that your hubby continues to be the sweet thing that he is.
hugs to you guys...