Monday, March 22, 2010

Elijah goodies

I am constantly storing things that Elijah says and does in the back of my brain so I don't forget about them. Here are some cute things from the past few weeks:

With his speech constantly improving, he says so many things that make us laugh:
- I think my new favorite word of his that he says is "delicious," which sounds like "dee-wish-us."
- He adores preschool, so if he meets someone new he will say, "Fee-gool!" like he wants to talk about it.
- He will walk into whatever room Dan is in and say, "E doin', Dad?" It's his way of saying, "Whatcha doin'?"
- He will point to something and say, "E cool!" Translation: "Pretty cool!"
- He has started saying, "I huggy!" when it's dinner time.
- He asks for hugs a lot, especially when he is scared or when he knows he is about to get tickled or when he doesn't want to do something that we're asking him to do. He draws out the H sound, like he is speaking a throaty German word: "HHhhhhhug!"
- Yesterday he was doing his impatient screaming that he is so good at lately when Dan said, "Elijah, that screaming is unacceptable." Elijah stopped screaming and said, "Unsuseptamole!"

One of Elijah's favorite things to do when we are at home is to sit at the computer and look through our old photos. For the past two months, his favorite pics to look at have been of he and his friend Olivia, from when we went to the Children's Museum with her and her mom and brother. DAILY, he walks around the house and says, "EEEvaaaa!" (His version of "Olivia!") It sounds exactly like Wall-E calling out for his girl, if you have seen that movie.

He definitely has the little boy wrestle gene. There is nothing better in the world than wrestling with Daddy, and now he loves pillow fights, too. "Peee-ohhhh fiiiiiight!"

Last night Elijah's speech therapist of almost two years had a graduation party for him. He got to have a cookie and juice and we said goodbye to speech therapy for good!

He is still such a little snuggle man. I am so thankful for this! (And he has me wrap my arms around him extra tight during scary parts of a movie/tv show.)

He says, "HI!" to absolutely everyone he sees. I think he actually startles some people when we are out in public. He is such a friendly, outgoing little person.

Singing is very much a favorite thing of his lately. I have never sang so many songs out loud in my life as I have during the last few weeks. Elijah has a renewed interest in Veggie Tales, so "God is Bigger Than the Boogeyman" and "The Bunny" are sung about four thousand times each day in our house. The cutest is when we hear him singing songs on his own.

He has started shutting his eyes super tight whenever he knows he has done something wrong. I think he is hoping we will be gone when he opens his eyes back up.

On my good contraction days I have been sitting at the table with Elijah and Dan for meals, so we always say a prayer before we eat. Elijah is so sweet with his prayers. He folds his hands nice and tight and starts off, "Dear Jesus," which actually sounds like, "Daddy sauce," and then he repeats Dan's key words: "Good day, good food, Mommy tummy, Elijah sleep, AMEN!"

He is in a stage right now where he wants everything INSTANTLY. When that doesn't happen, the yelling and/or whining fills our ears. Patience is something we are constantly working on (all of us).

Elijah is still calling his little brother "Zooter." We are getting excited to bring Not-Zooter into our family and to watch Elijah become a big brother. I know that once the baby is born things will never be the way they are now again, so I am trying to savor every moment of this chapter of our lives.


Amber said...

LOVE it all!
the delicious is one of my favorites with Grace as well, only she says it without the d.
Super cute...I love toddler language!

So glad the baby is still "cooking" and that you are eating up this time with Elijah!

jencooper said...

I absolutely LOVE little kid language!! It is the best!!! I am digging all of E's new words. Gracie told us yesterday "I want that one. No. Acshally that one."

Congrats on speech graduation! That is amazing.

Hang in there!!

mina said...

What an adorable stage! Hopefully as Elijah's speech develops even more, the impatient screaming will go away (although we still deal with it sometimes too!)

I hope those contractions are staying at bay!

Sarah said...

I'm an emotional person today... Dad's in hospital - had triple bypass on Fri. and I'm reading blogs in between my hospital shift. I've always wondered what it would be like to have another child... how hard it might be to divide my time. I can imagine with having to spend these last few months on bedrest and feeling like these last "only Elijah" moments are going too quickly. I've been praying for you. Love hearing the new Elijah sayings.

Cecilia said...

Its a joy to read your blog and thanks for sharing Elijah's bits and bobs with us.

Congratulations on your little man's speech graduation!

Lee Family said...

He is just so cute. I love the part were he is screaming, well not the screaming part but then stops all of a sudden and says Unsuseptamole.

His Language skills are awesome.

Have a good week.

Doyle said...

Elijah's "Unsuseptamole" reminded me of Dan's "chicken ome-lett-tay"...

ThePicks said...

Love this blog entry; definitely brought several smiles to my face; what a sweet snuggling little man he is!! Unsuseptamole is just tooo funny!

Ehlan said...

Ha ha, Doyle! :) Thanks for that giggle...
Megan, so fun to read all of those great things Elijah is saying! We need to do another play date soon...Obviously we'll come to you! :) Olivia misses Elijah too!

Tina:0) said...

"Redonkulous" is Vaeh's new word of choice! Isn't it funny how there's one word they say that just sticks with ya?!

The Veggie Tales make re-run trips in our house. One of the staples that the girls like to sing is "Oh, no... what we gonna do? The king likes Daniel more than me & you..." One of the first non-nursery rhyme songs that was sung in our house!

Hope the contractions continue to stay at bay! Give that little man hugs for us!

Anonymous said...

"Chicken Ome-lett-tay" is totally a word...and a menu item at Perkins!