Monday, March 1, 2010

25 weeks, 3 days

Elijah and I both caught little colds this weekend, but they were nothing compared to the sicknesses we had a few weeks ago. Although, he was tired enough from all of the coughing to sleep until 6:08 this morning! He hasn't slept that late in many many months!

We are really starting to outgrow our little 2-bedroom home, especially with a baby on the way. This weekend we started rearranging the puzzle pieces of our house in order to fit everything inside. Dan and I cleaned out our closet, which is where the baby is going to sleep for a while. This isn't exactly ideal, but we don't have any other options until the baby is old enough to not disturb Elijah's sleep. Next weekend we will be cleaning out Elijah's bedroom and closet and perhaps even our storage space, which is a gigantic mess. It will feel so good to have it all organized and ready for the baby!

We put in our first 100% effort on potty-training this weekend and we made zero progress. Elijah just doesn't seem to be able to make the connection yet, which is fine. We have never been big on pushing him to do things. We will keep trying on the weekends and hopefully eventually make some progress with it.

My contractions behaved very well over the weekend. Again, the 48 hours following my shot gave me a nice reprieve (a handful per day compared to 12 per day) so I was able to move around a little bit more.

We are getting excited for my stepmom to visit this coming weekend. Every time I ask Elijah if he is excited to see Grammie P, he says, "Gammie pway toys? Gammie wead books? Gammie wash cah-toons?" :)

More funny Elijah translations:
popcorn = "cup-corn"
breakfast = "feck-is"
sweet dreams = "sweet dweebs"


Cecilia said...

Hope you and Elijah's little colds will soon be gone!

Take good care of yourselves!

Have a nice week! xoxo

Judy - Scottsdale,AZ said...

Elijah is SO CUTE!!! Hope you are both feeling better. Minnesota winters can be quite long as we well know! Take care, and best to you with the new arrival!

Tracy said...

Don't worry about the potty training thing. He'll do it in his own time, when he's ready. My oldest (now 11) was trained a bit after his 2nd birthday, with no problems. My 2nd guy (now 9) took FOREVER!! I know I pushed him into it when he wasn't ready. At the time I was so sick of trying to wrestle with him into laying in 1 spot at every diaper change I finally gave up and pushed potty training on him. BIG MISTAKE! It took many months - well, duh he wasn't ready! Stupid of me to push it. Anyways, with Dominic (now almost 5) I let him decide and it was about a month before he turned 3 when he was trained in the day time. He still wears a pull up at night. So don't worry about Elijah. He'll get there!

And good to hear you got some cleaning out done. I love doing that sort of thing. It feels so good!!

jencooper said...

Elijah will get the hang of it. Bennett took a long time to show any readiness where Gracie is already almost potty-trained. And, Bennett still wears a pullup every single night and wakes up soaking wet....and he is 5 1/2! Keep showing it to him, but he will do it when he is ready.

I am glad to hear that you are doing well!

Wendy said...

Hi Megan,

I'm sorry to hear that you guys have been so sick! :( I hope that everyone is feeling well again very soon!!!

I took the time to catch up on the entries that I've missed lately, and I'm so glad to hear that things are still going well with the baby. I may not always have time to leave a note on your blog, but you are always on my mind and in my prayers. Hang in there, are doing GREAT!!!

Elijah is just the cutest little man ever! I love seeing all of his photos. I'm happy to hear that he's surviving pre-school, and that you are, too. :) (Transition-time at school is the hardest for Emma, also...well, that and the noise.)

It looked like Elijah had a wonderful 3rd birthday, too! I just can't believe he's 3 already....time sure flies, doesn't it? He's overcome so much in his little lifetime. What an absolute miracle he is!

Please give that cutie a big hug from his friend, Emma! And please take good care of yourself and the, rest, rest!

Thank you for your friendship, Megan....your sweet notes always warm my heart and give me encouragement.

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Kathy said...'s almost springtime...I wish you guys could stay away from your cold-monster! geez!

glad you had a good day and the contractions are at can do it!!!

You little man just makes me smile SO big when I see his pics! You know..I'm still planning to go out to Sioux Falls in May for my nieces, I AM TOTALLY popping in for a visit with you guys!!!
(how far along will you be then?? don't make me's too hard for my little brain this late!)

and potty training. If I can remember to post on my blog...Isaac knows when he has to pee in the, he puts his hand in his diaper and tries to pull it he pees EVERYWHERE! seriously...every morning this week.
I'm going to duck tape his diapers!

Keep relaxing and lovin' on that sweet heart...and how fun that grammie is coming to visit...he's going to eat up that attention!

hug him tight for me,

Lee Family said...

I am glad to hear things are gtting better with your contractions just hang in there.
I would not even worry about potty training he will get it when he is ready and there is no reason to push him. They should work with him in preschool on this and he will eventually get it.
Sounds like you have some help coming your way this weekend. Have fun and get lots of rest.