Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Soap opera auditions

I am convinced that Elijah is gearing up for an audition on the set of One Life to Live. Every. little. thing. has been exceedingly dramatic for the past week or so. There has been a lot of crying, throwing of objects, yelling, kicking, hitting (himself and others), screaming, screaming and more screaming in our house (and car and yard and garage).

All or any of the above take place when: we don't get his pajamas off fast enough, he wants his pajamas back on once they're off, he cannot get onto a random bus we see driving down the road, he has to come inside (as a Minnesotan, this one I can understand), I try to take off his medical ID bracelet, Dan and I try to have a conversation, he doesn't get his food fast enough (within two seconds of asking for it), we don't fill his milk cup quickly enough, and my, oh my, the list goes on..

He took oral steroids for three days last weekend for his croup, so we attributed some of his behavior to that as it usually makes him pretty crazy. His last dose was on Sunday, so now we are wondering if we are just in a fun phase. Weeee!!

With that said, he of course has his sweet moments that keep us smiling. He willingly hands out hugs and kisses and the best snuggles on the planet. We even experienced a very welcome miracle this morning: We all got up for the day at 7:04!!!


jencooper said...

We SERIOUSLY have to get our children together!! I think they are secretly calling each other at night and conspiring on what they are going to do to drive us crazy!! Gracie is auditioning for All My Children.....for the exact same reasons!!

But, I sure do love her!

Cecilia said...

Hope all the screaming, yelling and crying of Elijah will soon be gone.

He still looks seriously cute in those pictures!

Lee Family said...

Don't you just love those moments of screaming and hitting themselves. Logan does the same thing. They are just stinkers.

But when they smile and give out hugs it just makes everything go away :)

Kathy said...

WAIT one minute...
are those big boy underwear on his bum??


He's just hearing Isaac screaming from here...and wants to be a little louder.
Gosh..I'm glad these kids are so cute...I don't know how we could stand it other wise!

Tracy said...

Could be the meds he was on ... and could be a touch (or a whole heaping dose, lol) of "terrible twos" ... since we've been through it and still go through that some days! Hope his grouchiness gets better ... or at least simmers down a bit :).

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

He is so cue!!

and Matthew is far from being potty trained... ugh