Thursday, March 18, 2010

Croup: Season 2, Round 6

I was so happy to see these beautiful flowers sitting outside our door today! I was sad to not have been able to see the deliverer, though (thanks, Ronda!!), because we were dealing with Elijah's croup episode. I didn't even know daytime croup was possible, but now I do!

With no cold, night-time air it was a bit challenging (and scary) this time. We had to rely solely on the epi neb, which requires time and patience. Thank goodness everything turned out ok, but of course now I'm on edge and ready for another round tonight. I'm extremely thankful that today was an unusual day and that Elijah was not at daycare this afternoon. I have never thought about an emergency daytime croup plan, but now I guess I will need to.

Please keep our munchkin in your prayers!


Amber said...

First of all...Tulips, LOVE them. They are like a burst of sunshine!

Second...what in the world?! Can the baby catch a break? NO MORE CROUP! You are not welcome in this home anymore. I have just never heard of a little one having this so frequently. I totally know that you have checked this out's just nuttiness.
Praying for my sweet cheeked baby and his momma of course!
Thank you for your thoughts on Miss Gracie! ;0)

mina said...

Thoughts and prayers for Elijah!

Cecilia said...

Sending our prayers and blessings your way!

Hope Elijah is getting better now.

Thinking of you guys!!!