Friday, March 19, 2010

Post-croup crabbies

Our prayers were answered and Elijah did not have another croup episode last night, thank goodness. Before we went to bed I would have bet a lot of money that he was going to have one, so I was very pleasantly surprised (and tired from all of the sleepless anticipation) this morning.

Now we just have a sick and grumpy little boy. I spent an hour with him this morning and he cried the whole time because he missed Action Chugger, the flying train from Chuggington (Disney cartoon). Tonight the tears have flowed over every tiny little thing. We are trying to keep in mind that he is on oral steroids, as they usually make him a little crazed (and hungry and tired).

I talked to a nurse at his pulmonologist's office today and she said that it has been a really bad winter for kids with airway and respiratory issues. She said to keep him on the steroids for three full days so his lungs have a chance to fully heal.

Tonight Elijah got to go to the movie store to pick out a movie (his favorite thing in the world) and we are settling down to watch "chicken movie." Hopefully he doesn't become so attached to anyone in the movie that he cries for them when it's over. :)


TimnKatienElinSam said...

For future reference, you can watch that show (and other favorites like Animal Junction) at

I hope that prevents future always makes me so sad when they do that when they are sick!

the Yoders

TimnKatienElinSam said...

make that jungle junction :)

Cecilia said...

Hugs to your little man! Hope he will be getting better soon.

Have a good weekend!