Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heartbeat 5000

Last summer I got connected with a fellow heart mom who also lives here in the Cities whose name is also Megan and whose heart baby is also Eli! Megan and Eli were kind enough to visit us after Elijah's third open heart surgery last summer, and she has been a huge source of comfort for me. We have shared with each other that it is strongly on our hearts to help other heart children and their families to get the best, most comfortable care possible. I would like to ask for your help with an upcoming 5k called the HeartBeat 5000 that is taking place on June 23rd. Megan and I have created a team for our Elis called Double E. We would love support in any way you are willing to give! Whether it's a donation or whether you join us for the walk/run or if it's just an encouraging email or a prayer. We appreciate anything!

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Cecilia said...

Amazing, double E and double M!