Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The steroids are making Elijah a bit crazy today, as they usually do. His obsessive and unkind behaviors come out BIG TIME when he is tired and grumpy, and that pretty much describes our day. We are staying on top of the meds and nebs, though, to ward off that nasty croup!

I have to mention two things today that Elijah said that made me giggle and smile.

At dinner tonight, he said his usual, "Thanks, Old Lady!" after I brought him a second glass of milk. He says this to me all the time because he knows it makes me laugh. I said, "I'm not an old lady!" He pondered that for a few seconds and said, "But Mama! If you are an old lady, I will take care of you." I hope so, Elijah, and thank you.

Then tonight I was talking to him about our time in the hospital this week. I always try to keep open dialog about hospital time with him. I asked him if it was scary for him, and he said, "Just when we were doing the nebs in the hospital. That was scary. But I need to take deep breaths!" I told him that was exactly right, and he said, "But the rest of hospital time was fun!" Oh boy, hospital time, fun?! I know what he was saying, though. He was referring to the one-on-one time with me. We got a ton of snuggle time and watching-tv time and just plain old time together. And he loved that. WE loved that. Even if we were in a hospital. Then a few minutes later, he said, "Mama, I miss you from the other day." "I know, sweet boy, I know."

Elijah and Sammy have been interacting more than ever the past few days. It's not always in a positive way, but I am so happy that there are times when they enjoy each other. It's always an adventure in our house!

The potty issues are absolutely crazy these days. BAD crazy. I have consulted with E's teachers and OT/PTs, and we are coming up with a plan. We have got to get this under control! Please pray for progress in this area! Dan and I are at our limit for patience. This is a "toughie," as Elijah would say.

Please pray for my wonderful stepmother to heal well from her surgery today! And my friend Sue, too. They are both amazing people.

Thanks for checking in!!


dxeechick said...

Oh my gosh, he is too sweet for words.

jencooper said...

I love that boy!!

Cecilia said...

Elijah is such a sweetie pie! Hope your stepmother and Sue get well soon.