Friday, May 18, 2012

More sickness and a great kindergarten meeting

I mentioned that E had a slight fever last night, right? Well this morning he had another, but it was super low-grade, and technically not even considered to be a fever. I should have known, though, since his "normal" is well below 98.6. He went to school and all seemed to be fine. I brought him and Sammy to their old daycare for a few hours this afternoon so I could get a few things accomplished. When I picked them up Elijah felt fine and was acting fine. He was his usual chatty self on the car ride home. We walked in the door and I turned around to find Elijah lying on the couch. I asked him if he was ok and he said, "No, Mama. My tummy hurts." I took his temp and it was 101.5. Then he started pointing to his chest and saying that hurt, too. Of course my mind went straight to his heart, and panic was starting to set it. I called the doctor and they wanted us to come in right away.

He has a double ear infection and strep! What the heck?! He has never in his life had strep, and only once before had an ear infection. So we are on antibiotics for 10 days, and contagious for 24 hours. Sammy got tested, too, and so far so good.

We had a ton of fun weekend plans! :( If everyone is feeling ok tomorrow evening (post-contagion), we will resume said plans.

Elijah's kindergarten prep meeting this morning went great. His current teacher provided the new staff information about Elijah, every little piece of information she could think of. And based on what she had to say today, she knows that boy pretty darn well. He has been sooo blessed with amazing care! After she was finished talking, I had the thought that nobody (besides Dan and I) could have explained him any better.

His current teacher explained his "quirks" (tendency to talk gibberish when anxious, arm flapping and tendency to get obsessive about things) his deficiencies (gross motor and anxiety surrounding that and also his need for assistance with potty still) and his strengths (social skills and his brains). The new staff seemed very receptive to everything and by the end of the meeting they were super excited to meet him.

His current teacher and Dan and I all requested that he receive the most nurturing kindergarten teacher possible. He really does need a good balance of nurturing with a sprinkling of firmness. Without the firmness, his smart manipulative side tries to get people to do everything for him. Those who know better know that he is a very capable little lad!

Back when we went to kindergarten round-up last month, the three Jackson kindergarten teachers were lined up and immediately upon seeing them I pointed to one and said, "That's her. That's the one." I knew immediately which one would be best for Elijah. Later, when we were checking out the classrooms, I approached her (fighting back tears) and introduced ourselves. She was very kind and warm. I loved her immediately. I have had it in my mind since then that she would be "the one" that I have been praying for since he was born.

Well, guess what?! She just happened to be in the meeting today! She said she remembered us and was again very kind. I told Dan when we left, "That's her!" :) I hope so! We will find out in July for sure.

I can't say enough how blessed we feel, and have always felt, about the care Elijah has received. Thank you, God!

Thanks for checking in! Please pray with us for NO CROUP tonight.

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jencooper said...

Boo on strep and ear infections. I know how he ear infection has about done me in!

I will pray that the teacher truly is "the one".