Monday, May 21, 2012

Potty, poo, dz and bro love

Friday while Elijah and Sammy were sitting in the blue chair watching Super Why on my phone, E said, "Mommy?" I peeked around the corner and said, "Yes?" He did the sign for potty. I asked him if he had to go potty and he said, "Yes!" and ran to the bathroom. And went. With no complaining. And his pants were totally dry. Hmmm. I'll take it! He never tells us that he has to go potty and never initiates it on his own. I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction! Then he kept his underpants dry during nap time, which is a big deal. He did pretty well over the weekend with just a few accidents.

I took E to see his urologist today for the first time in a couple years. We wanted to completely rule out having any physical hindrances to using the toilet. What we found was a little bit surprising! Without getting too descriptive, he is very backed up. This is something we did not think was an issue AT ALL. I was shocked. And apparently this can be a reason for delayed success in potty training. We will attempt to take care of that, which will hopefully help out a bit. If things aren't improved in three months, we will take him back for a renal ultrasound to make sure everything in his kidney is functioning properly.

Before we arrived at the hospital today, I said to Elijah, "Wouldn't it be fun if we saw Dr. Gremmels while we are here?" And sure enough, just as we were walking to the elevator, Dr. G walked out. It was quite the coincidence since he is one busy man! We chatted for a bit, he asked E how he was doing and told him he liked his haircut. Elijah was beyond excited to see his most favorite doctor! It was a nice little surprise for us. We love Dr. G!

I wrote these on Facebook the other day, but thought I would share these Elijah funnies from the day:

While eating his SpongeBob mac-n-cheese I saw him scrutinizing one of the noodles. "Look, Mom! It's the Eiffel Tower!" I looked at it closely and said, "Uhh, I think that's Patrick, honey." "Oh."

Then he saw a photo of Ryan Gosling and said, "Look at THAT guy! He's so cuuuute!"

Upon learning he could play Angry Birds for a bit after breakfast, Elijah happily said, "I WOVE YOU, MAMA! Happy Christmas, sleepy lady!"

I'm not sure if I have mentioned on here how much Sammy loves the tv show Super Why. It's a show on PBS and if there were any show for my child to be obsessed with, it would be that one. They review letters, uppercase and lowercase, and small words, and they also teach a good moral lesson during each episode. I realized a few weeks ago that Sammy knows his letters, thanks to this show. 

We had a fun weekend at the dropzone. Exhausting, as usual, but it is always fun. The boys ran and played so hard that they will need to go to bed early for at least three nights to catch up!

The other day while Elijah and I were lying down for a nap (he has been taking naps since being sick last week, which is NICE), he said to me, "Mama? I fink we should get Sammy a piñata for his birthday."
Me: "Oh, that would be fun!"
E: "Yeah. I fink it should be a cupcake piñata."
Me: "What a thoughtful idea!"
E: "Yeah. And I fink we should get him a Super Why toy. From Target."
Me: "Wow, honey! That is really thoughtful!"
E: "And we should have his party at the dropzone again this year and let him eat cake."

As un-kind as he is to his brother a lot of the time, this was so nice to hear. He loves his bro! Today after spending most of the day away from him (Dan had Sam with him while E and I ran from school to the doctor to OT/PT), Elijah said, "I want to see Sammy!" :)

Here we are, at the start of another week! Have a great one, and thanks for checking in.


mina said...

Yay on the potty progress! This just might be the breakthrough. Love Elijah's big boy haircut too!

jencooper said...

His haircut is soooo cute!!

Here is hoping that the potty progress continues to ... well, progress!

Gotta love the brotherly love.

Cecilia said...

I love your two boys, way too cute!