Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our anniversary and our fiercely independent Sammy

Sunday was Dan's and my sixth wedding anniversary. Last night we got out for our traditional lovely dinner, and afterward we sat on our patio pondering the past six years. Six years ago we had no idea what kinds of adventures were in store for us! It has been quite the journey, and I realized last night how very very very blessed I am to have had Dan next to me through all of it. There were times in the past year (I'm talking months at a time) when Dan was VERY patient with me through some very dark and scary crap. Honestly, if roles would have been switched, I don't know how patient I would have been. To think about it now makes me realize how much Dan loves me and what a patient and incredible husband he is.

I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to share more about the past year, and I wrote a lot of it out...but I don't want to freak anybody out. :) I will sleep on it. (I see that I accidentally posted a portion of it, so some of you got the story! So there it is! I guess it was meant to be that some of you know about the craziness. :)

So let's talk about Sammy for a bit, our FIERCELY independent young man. He certainly has his own ideas all of the time. A few examples..

He woke up from his nap today INSISTING that he wear "BOO SHIRT!" as seen in the below photo. Ok, Sammy, but it's warm outside, and... "BOO SHIRT!" Okie dokie, so on boo shirt went. Then we came inside and he said, "BOO SHIRT OFF!" Ohhh-kaaay, off blue shirt went. "WOBOT SHIRT!" And on went robot shirt..

And the puzzle you see in the background? He insists on putting that puzzle together all by himself, except, well, he can't. If I try to help him he yells, "NOO! NOO!" and runs away. So what I've started doing is putting the correct pieces next to each other but not snapping them in and walking away. Then he will happen upon it and click the pieces together and say, "'ook!" "Oh wow, Sammy! You did it!" Then I'll sneak back and set a few more pieces up for him.

Sammy and I often frequent the grocery store together. We usually do it while Dan is at work and Elijah is at school. But it's a bit stressful, even with just the two of us. He will NOT sit in the front seat of the cart without screaming his head off, so I usually end up putting him in the main part of the cart on his butt. The only thing that will keep him on his butt is if I set an open container of blueberries next to him. I always pray that the person checking us out will have compassion (some don't) and understand that it was necessary to eat them before purchasing. Because every time, ALL of the blueberries are gone before we get to checkout. I'm just glad it's blueberries and not candy!

Today Dan and I took the boys to a park for a picnic and park play. We could tell Sammy was a little bit extra tired. He went running across the playground toward the swings and I ran after him. He tripped and fell hard on the rocky pavement, hitting his face on the ground. He cut his lip and was bleeding a bit and cried sooo hard. :( He has scratches on his nose and upper lip. Poor guy. I hate seeing my boys in pain!

That's about all for now. We have beautiful weather this week in Minnesota, and we are loving it! We are excited for the weekend. Lots of fun adventures ahead. Thanks for checking in!


jencooper said...

I missed your accidental post, but we had those same scary thoughts around here too....and it is NO fun. Shoot an email/phone call if you need to do so.

Love seeing that Sammy! He is such a cutie!

Cecilia said...

Yap Sammy is a cutie pie!