Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of first grade!

My oldest baby started first grade today! I can hardly believe it! I remember so clearly putting him on the bus for the first time, back when he was a tiny little three-year-old (Sammy's current age - crazy!). Now look at him! He's such a big boy. Both of my boys are growing up so fast.

Can you tell that we "forced" Sammy to pose in today's portion of the below photo? :) He was not at all happy about all of the attention we gave to Elijah this morning. While putting a lunch together for E, I looked over to see Sammy taking every single cereal box out of our pantry and throwing them all onto the kitchen floor. This was not normal Sammy behavior, so I knew he needed some love. Dan snuggled with him on the couch while I got E out the door.

I'll be honest. I was worried about today. Considering some of the behavioral issues we have been dealing with at home, I was expecting a phone call all day long. But my phone never rang. Elijah hopped off the bus this afternoon with a smile, and he looked as perky as ever. I can't know for certain, but I feel like today went well! He used the potty and he told me he was kind to everyone. He enjoyed punching in his meal code to get his milk at lunch (funny that this was a highlight) and he loved the note I left for him in his lunch box. :) He also enjoyed learning about drums in music. He is excited to start drumming, he says! I'm so excited about what this year will bring for him. One of my specific prayers is that he makes some friends.

I feel like our summer of absolute craziness has primed him for this first grade experience. First grade? That's nothing compared to what we experienced in our recent travels! As always, things unfold just as they are supposed to, right? 

Dan has been feeling good since his accident. His knee is still a little bit sore, but he has felt no other after-effects. Amazing! We have all felt super blessed this week. I have a hard time being away from him, which is a new thing. I chatted with a friend of ours from the dropzone who happened to be driving by "the scene" shortly after Dan's accident. He stopped to make sure Dan was ok. He said to me, "Megan, your family has been in my mind since Saturday. I can't believe how close you were to losing your dad and husband. Inches, Megan, inches."

I am getting ready for another season working at Midwest. It is the same freelance gig I did last year and I LOVE this job. The people are incredible and the work is rewarding. This will start in the next few weeks, which will be a fresh new season for us!

Thanks for checking in! I still have to wrap up the last installment of our big summer trip, which I'm hoping to do in the next week or so. I'll end with a photo of Dan on the side of an airport shuttle bus trailer that I saw while driving down the interstate last week. Pretty cool! I have a famous husband! :)

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