Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quick Elijah update and SUPER DUPER EXCITING NEWS

We got a little more of the story today from Elijah's teacher and special education case manager. Apparently there is no possible way he could have been sitting at a table all alone at lunch, like I had imagined all night last night. I'm guessing he is feeling excluded in some way and that is the issue. We don't really know. Dan went along on a field trip with his class today and got a feel for Elijah's relationships with his peers. It's about what it's always been like. He does not know how to appropriately interact with kids he doesn't know very well. He SO BADLY wants to interact, but he gets nervous and mumbles and turns and runs away out of pure excitement. Put him in front of an adult or his bro Sammy and he does just fine!

We went to his school picnic tonight and he was so excited to see a few of his classmates. One little girl approached him and said hello. What did Elijah do? He ran the other way. I could tell he wanted her attention. BADLY. So I ran over and literally picked him up and brought him over to this sweet little girl. I said, "Elijah, TALK. Is this your friend?" She introduced herself and told me that she was in his class. I encouraged him to interact and finally got him to ask her, "Do you want to play?" They ran around for a bit and that made me happy. We will get there. Just like with everything else!

On a semi-related note, Elijah had to come home from school early twice last week due to an icky tummy and some accidents. He had been complaining of stomach pains last week, and had been having issues off and on since mid-August when we changed his diet. We took him to the doctor on Friday and had a bunch of tests done. We just got results back today and everything came back normal! Thank God! Now we need to figure out what is upsetting his tummy.

And now for super exciting news! A few of my heart mama friends suggested that we turn in a Make-a-Wish application for Elijah. At first I just didn't know. I felt some guilt since Elijah is doing so well and has such a great prognosis. I filled out the application and Elijah's cardiologist approved it without hesitation. We met with the Wish people and of course E won them over. His primary wish?? To go to a waterpark in Florida that he has been DROOLING over on my iPad for months. His secondary wish?? To go to his "factory." (Waterpark of America here in town.)

I got the call tonight. Elijah's primary wish has BEEN GRANTED. We will spend one week in Florida, at Aquatica (THE waterpark) or Disney or Seaworld or wherever. I am speechless. I am so happy. Our boy who has been through SO MUCH (and of course his awesome bro, too) will be SO HAPPY. I was sobbing on the phone and could not speak coherently. After the week we had with school-related issues, we decided that a school reveal would be perfect! Elijah is going to be so excited and it is going to be a total surprise!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a good night, friends.


christine said...

The upset tummy might just be an upset potty routine. My son always gets belly aches at school because he refuses to use the bathroom there.

And before school - you were traveling... So he simply might not feel comfortable with the potty scenario.

I made your chicken and rice soup today. It was very good. I added too much rice however (because there was some left in the bag)....
But I will for sure make it again. I even bought the parsley!

And I discovered that Sams Club has great Rotisseerie Chickens.

jencooper said...

Man...who were those awesome moms that made you fill out the application while you were visiting with them???? :)

It was lovely to talk to you last night...and I loved hearing my deep voiced friend! :) You are doing all the right things.

We love you guys so much!!

Is Sammy going to be excited about the water park??

Anonymous said...

Oh bless his heart, Megan!! I have to ask, is Elijah in OT this year? I would think that they could help him navigate the social issues and work with him on this. He is a strong little boy and will definitely overcome this! Please give the boys a hug for me:).

The girl from Georgia:)

dxeechick said...

so excited for you guys!!! i've debated doing MAW, sounds so fun.