Friday, September 13, 2013

New friends

I used to take photos of the boys all the time. Lately, I take so many pics of other people that I honestly get a bit tired of seeing my camera. A few weeks ago on one of Dan's days off (and before school began), we went to a new park with the intent of getting Sammy and Elijah photos! Sammy is a bit challenging to photograph. He is way more camera-shy than our ham Elijah, so we have to use trickery. 

Week 2 of first grade is complete! This week Elijah has been telling us that his favorite part of the day is lunch. :) We've worried about lunch time a bit since he has a hard time still with opening wrappers/cartons, etc. Dan and I try to get every wrapper started for him before we put it in his lunch box. I asked him yesterday if he was needing help with opening wrappers and he said, "Yeah, sometimes. My friends help me." Thank you, Elijah's friends. :)

Speaking of friends, I've had a constant prayer for E to connect with a friend for....well, since he started school 3.5 years ago. It hasn't happened yet, but I remain hopeful. I asked him last night if he has a favorite friend at school yet. He gave me a name and talked giddily about this little boy. Tonight when I took Sammy and Elijah to the park, guess who was there?! The friend! Elijah was SO excited to see him. He approached him and the little boy said, "ELIJAH?! What are you doing here?!" Elijah introduced him to Sammy, which I thought was precious, then the little boy introduced E to his little sister. Then he became distracted by his sisters and grandpa, but I could tell Elijah wanted nothing but attention from him. When we got home, he sat down and immediately wrote his friend a letter.

Have you ever seen anything so precious? Please, God, let this friend accept him for the amazing little person he is.

Sammy and I were able to meet some friends at the Children's Museum today. We had so much fun! Sam's favorite thing was the bus. I was his passenger and he brought me to many different places. We have so much more flexibility this year since Elijah is in school all day. For the past few years, we've had to make it back home by 11:00 to get him off the bus. Now Sammy and I can stay out and party on our days together!

I have some funnies from both boys that I want to share, but I need to collect a few more tidbits. I also still owe you my last installment of our summer road trip. I'll squeeze it in one of these days, I promise! Praying you all have a good and safe weekend! Thanks for checking in.

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness that note is precious... Praying for this friend.