Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The fall crazies and a TON of boy funnies

This week has been nuts. Dan is beginning to phase out of dropzone work for the summer and I am phasing into fall freelance work down in Cannon Falls. I remember this time last year being tiring, and I wasn't nearly as busy with blog/photography then. Bring on the tireds! 'Tis the season. Life is good, though. I love all of my jobs and find them each to be so rewarding. Even though he gets drained when the summer is done, Dan loves being a skydiving instructor. He has some new work opportunities that lie ahead that he is excited about. I always wonder how Sammy and Elijah will answer the question, "What do your parents do?" Maybe: "Which day of the week?" 

I finally gathered up the courage to email Elijah's teacher to see how school is going for him from her perspective. I'm curious to hear what she will have to say. Or as Sammy would say, "I'm exciting to hear." :)

Also on the list is talking to E's gym teacher. Elijah told me the other day that he wasn't able to play what the other kids were playing. I don't know if they are adapting activities for him, or if he's just hanging out on the sidelines. I have been wanting to get him involved in a sport or activity that would make him feel like he was keeping up with other kids, so I called his cardiologist last week and got the thumbs up to put him in karate. Then I called one of our skydiving friends who is a karate guru and got the name of a great instructor just down the road.

On Monday night we all went and checked it out. Of course we could not get Sammy to participate, but Elijah willingly put on the white pants and jacket and ROCKED his first karate class. He did great! At the end of the class his teacher put a blue "stripe" on his belt for having a good attitude. He told him that his parents have the power to remove the stripe if he does not have a good attitude. We have threatened removing it a couple times since then and he does NOT like that. He straightens right up! We are hoping that in addition to being great for gross motor and confidence, it will also help with respect and behavior. Hoping!

Dr. Sammy playing a little b-ball

I have a bunch of boy funnies to share, so I'll end with those! Have a great week and thanks for checking in!

Sammy often refers to me as Mommy Birdy. When he calls me that, I am supposed to refer to him back as Baby Birdy. He usually does this when he wants to snuggle. Which is often, and which I am not complaining about. I love that boy.

There are two mannequins in the hallway at Lifetime that Sammy has named Kooky-buncho and Kooky-bundo. He goes up and touches a hand and says, "Look at this guy! His name is Kooky-buncho!"

Speaking of Lifetime, when both boys go with me they sing the same silly song together as we walk to the childcare area. They sing super loud and think they are the funniest little boys alive. "WEEEE'RE OFFFFFF TOOOOO THE BUUUUUDDY!"

Sammy has such a creative little mind. The names he comes up with for people and things are so cute and funny. The other day in the car he decided he wanted to be called Superdog-Juicyman and that Elijah was Dr. Juicyman.

Sammy has also been referring to himself as Sarah lately. "I'm Sarah, Cowwy's mommy!" I ask if maybe he could be a daddy? "Nope! Sarah! Cow's MOM!" So now Elijah refers to himself as Lomey, Lamby's mommy.

We have a couple balls in our garage that Sam has devised a game with. He puts them over his head and lets them drop to the ground. That's it. Depending on which ball you're holding, the game is called either Bunky-ball or Bunchy-ball.

Dan got a little basketball hoop for our living room that the boys LOVE. I had no idea how much Elijah would like it. His face was seriously priceless when he got off the bus and saw it. Pure happiness and excitement.

Sammy says to me a lot, "Mommy! I need you!" I say back: "I need you, too, Sammy." This is usually another snuggling prompt, which I obviously adore.

Elijah still asks me to do "tickle time on the couch" with him. He likes for me to cradle him like a giant baby. His head lies on one of my arms and his legs go into my other arm. If I drop one of his legs, but puts it back. Then he says silly words and I respond with tickles. He CRAVES that one-on-one time. If I attempt to ask him anything that makes sense during tickle time, he looks at me like, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. I love it. It's our little slice of quality time that we have each day.

Sammy has a new obsession that began during our summer road trip. Washing hands! If he sees a sink, his hands absolutely must be washed. I've never realized how many sinks there are in the world!

One of the games we allow the boys to play on our iPad is a states/countries game. After a few days of playing it, Elijah knows the exact location of every state. He knows their capitals, as well, and is freakishly good at seeing the outline of a state and labeling it. Now we're moving onto countries!

The boys still love to do Mommy (& Daddy) Mountains. At least once a day they ask for one. They take turns climbing up onto my back. The mommy mountain grows and runs a lap around the house and deposits them onto the couch. The boys who is not on the mountain chases the mountain around the house.

A few from Facebook..

E: Hey Mama, how are your pretty eyes goin' this morning?
Me: Uhh, they're just fine!
E: Nope, they're goin' hilarious!

Today's commentary, courtesy of Elijah:
Mom, you are as pretty as a whale...with a tiger's tail...that looks like a butterfly and the sun.
You are as pretty as a lamp...when it's turned on.

Dan must be coaching my boys. I came downstairs this morning and Elijah greeted me by saying, "Good MORNING, my beautiful queen!"

This morning: "Good morning, beautiful woman!"

And in great contrast to Elijah's "beautiful queen" comment, he told me tonight: Mom, you are as fluffy as a lamb, as shiny as a horse, as milky as a cow and as pretty as a.....DOORKNOB. Now that's beauty.


Sarah said...

Sammy misses me lol!!!! Sarah is Cowwy's Mommy. I miss you too Sammy!

jencooper said...

Well, Shark Nostrils thinks that it is pretty awesome to have a great made up name! :)

Love and miss you guys!