Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A visit from Grammie and other fun things!

We have had a super busy and awesome past couple of days! My stepmom flew into town on Thursday and spent the afternoon/night with us. The boys love their Grammie so much! Silly tickle time!

She came with Elijah and me to E's sleep appointment, which went better than expected. The doctor had heard from Dr. M (developmental ped), who had recommended a certain med to help with E's anxiety/ADD stuff, and hopefully sleep, as well. So the sleep doc ran that recommendation by Dr. G (cardiologist), and HE APPROVED IT! I was totally surprised, as I had heard/read that some cardiac patients are unable to take this med. The med can cause low blood pressure, but with Elijah's anatomy this is not a concern for him. We started a super low dose of the med on Thursday and have given it to him every night since. At first, Dan and I thought maybe he was having another adverse reaction, as he was up for the day at 1:20 one morning (seriously) and before 3:00 another. Since then, we think he might be sleeping a little bit better/later?? It is so hard to know for sure since he can be so quiet and we hesitate to go into his room after 2:00 unless absolutely necessary in fear of waking him! I have another call into his sleep doctor to see if we can get a monitor of some sort that he can wear that will let us know what time he is up for the day. That way I don't have to be on high alert every single morning from 1-6am, waiting, listening, wondering, worrying. The sleep deprivation in this house is kind of absurd right now.

We had a fun rest of our weekend! Friday we took the boys to their first-ever circus. It was ok. The boys were mildly entertained. The dancing elephant was fun. I think their favorite thing was sitting next to each other and sharing a giant tub of popcorn.

Saturday we drove up to Bemidji to visit our friends Kendis and Chris at their beautiful home in the woods. The boys had so much fun running around their house, visiting the dogs (aka, "talking cats") in their kennel, going to their "conference room" on the patio, throwing snowballs, running in circles around their kitchen and getting sled rides from Chris and Dan. We even took a trip into town to visit Paul and Babe. On our way there, I pulled up my post from the last time we visited Paul and Babe. Funny (er, not so funny) how waking up super early was an issue even back then. Some things never change. Or, just get worse.

Samson the puppy, although rather large, believes that he is a lap dog. For some reason, he loved my lap. Strangely, I loved having him close. I'm not typically a dog person, but he was so snuggly! He reminds me a lot of my own little Samson.

On Sunday we drove over to Grand Rapids to stay with my stepmom and her wonderful family for a night. Another peaceful house in the woods and more great company! We had a nice afternoon and evening together. We headed back home Monday morning to recuperate. We all immediately walked straight to the bedroom and fell onto the bed.

This week is Spring Break! We had a relaxing day together today and have some fun things planned for the rest of the week. I hope you all are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about putting a baby monitor with cameras in his room to see when he's awake? I have one for my kids (up to 4 cameras can be viewed on one monitor - great night vision). We used it when my daughter was an infant and now as a toddler I can see what she's doing without interrupting her.

Kendis Scharen said...

So glad you guys were able to get away and glad that get away included us!!! Here's to getting some well deserved rest this week!