Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week of words

The little boys and I are having a fun week! We miss Dan, but we are making the most of our quality time together in this BEAUTIFUL weather (finally!). On the drive home from the airport the other day, I looked into the backseat to see Sammy's head in his hands. I asked if he was ok and he sadly said, "Yeeeaaah. Just finkin' about Daddy." It sounds like Dan is having a great time showing kids around DC, so we are excited to hear all about the trip!

Elijah has been sooo interested in reading lately. He has always loved reading, but lately even more than ever. He gets up in the morning and starts reading right away and he reads for at least 20 minutes before bed every night. It's great! I suggested we take a trip to the library (our first ever, sadly), and the boys were super excited! Sammy picked out a silly book that he has carried around with him just about everywhere, and Elijah picked out a book about the caterpillar-butterfly transformation. He told me at the library in a hushed voice, "Mom! I love non-fiction books and learning about REAL things!" Yes! I love it! He has read the book front to back at least five times. He can tell you about every little part of a butterfly's development.

I chatted with Elijah's sleep doctor yesterday and she told me to increase the dose of his meds by a teeny tiny bit more. I THINK he has been sleeping a lot later in the mornings! I think. I'm pretty sure. This morning I didn't hear him until the 5:00 hour, which is a HUGE step in the right direction. So far, his full days back at school have all been in the "great" behavior category. Yay!

And he has started showing much more interest in his peers and what they think of him, which is awesome. There is one little girl who is not in his class, but who he sees at recess every day. He is drawn to her, and keeps approaching her out of a desire to be with and play with her. At first he told me that he was asking her if she would marry him, which resulted her in running the other way. :) Then he told me that he was showing her his "bunny dance." Oh boy. I have started coaching him a bit, telling him that if he really wants her attention that he needs to ask her questions that she would enjoy answering...and to say them clearly and loudly. He was proud to tell me yesterday that he had clearly and loudly asked her to play with him. But she still ran away. Today he said to me, "Mom, I don't think she wants to be my friend. I think she thinks I'm a preschooler." :( I am so excited for the day when he finds a little friend who loves and appreciates him and wants to spend time with him. In the meantime, I will continue to do social coaching! And I am SO thankful that he is showing genuine interest in wanting peer acceptance. This is huge! It's been a long time coming, and it's a big step for him.

Sammy gets to spend a few hours at daycare tomorrow with his sweet little friends so I can get a bit of work done. It is always amusing trying to work with him at home. He sits on my lap as I type and tells me story after story, while driving toy trains up and down my arms and legs. I love that silly boy!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week! Thanks for checking in!

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Anonymous said...

Most libraries do a summer reading program and give prizes for reading time and the number of books. Something to keep the reading going for the summer for FREE!!