Monday, January 30, 2012


We received a visit from Auntie Lynn and sweet cousin Kaleigh this past weekend!

Elijah was beyond excited to spend time with Kaleigh. Sammy was unsure (below is his I-don't-know-you-and-please-don't-steal-me face). Give him some time and he'll be excited to spend time with cousins, too!

Sammy has been doing all kinds of cute things lately, so I better get these down before I forget them!

The other day I caught him trying to wipe Elijah's bottom with a wet-wipe. Probably because he sees Elijah's bottom being wiped quite often. He follows Elijah around with a wipe in his hand and when E stops, he starts wiping. He has even tried to do it to me a couple times. Thanks, Sammy!

Sam does NOT like receiving help. With anything! If he is struggling to get a cap back on a marker or pull off a sock or whatever it may be, he gets extremely mad if we try to help him.

A few new Sammy words: Apple (bob-bob), Bob the Tomato (Bob), Larry the Cucumber (yeh-yeh). He can do almost all of the animal noises, and they sure are cute.

Lately he goes to our front entry-way and points at the wall and does his dinosaur growl. I say, "Sammy, is there a dinosaur over there?" He smiles and points and keeps growling. So it has become a bit of a joke that we have a dinosaur living in our entry-way.

Every time he bonks a body part, he looks at me and makes his cute little kissy noise which means he wants me to come kiss his owie. And of course I do it.

He does this cute cute cute thing where he folds his hands behind his back and walks around. It's like he is surveying his surroundings and taking everything in.

A few quick Elijah things.. The bump on his head is doing just fine, and he hasn't shown any more strange symptoms since falling. He has tolerated his glasses VERY well. Much better than I anticipated! The first few days of patching were a challenge, but now he is fine with wearing the patches, too. So many people have told him how handsome he looks with his new glasses that he seems very proud of them! I can tell that they help his vision a ton. When I take them off at bedtime, he makes some funny faces and blinks a lot.

We celebrated Dan's mom's 60th birthday with her last night, and had such a nice time! It is always fun to be with family and to watch Elijah and Sammy enjoying their cousins.

That's about all I've got for now! Back to filling out health insurance applications, wee!!

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Cecilia said...

Elijah looks very handsome and intelligent with his glasses!