Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New specialists and funnies

Now that we have medical insurance worries on our brains, we are needing to add two more specialists to Elijah's list. He has been a really healthy kid for the past few years (you know, aside from an open heart surgery here and there), so I'm not complaining about any of this.

For the past year or so Dan and I have noticed that when we get down at eye level with Elijah, he starts crossing his eyes. We have always thought that he did it on purpose to be silly! The other day I was chatting with Elijah about some (never-ending) behavior issues and I noticed that his left eye kept turning inward. Then he would rub it and it would happen again. For the first time, I saw him getting frustrated about it. He wasn't doing the silly eye thing on purpose! I brought him to the doctor today and Dr. J thought we should get him in to see a pediatric opthamologist. It could be that he is already developing a little bit of farsightedness, or he could have something more complicated going on. We will see what the specialist says!

Also, E has had a freckle/mole on the middle of his back that has become slightly bigger and somewhat irregular in the past few months. Dr. J thought we should get him into the dermatologist to get it looked at.

I have officially completed my first full week of unemployment! It's surreal and awesome and scary and angering. I love being at home with my boys. I love taking naps with Elijah. I love having time to blog and cook and bake and not having to do all of those things late at night or squish it in over a lunch hour. I love seeing Elijah get on and off the school bus. I love not having a time limit when Sammy wants to snuggle. We obviously have some worries, namely MONEY and insurance. But we know there is a plan and that things will work out. I am thankful to have my family, and I can't ask for more than that.

I have been compiling a list of Boy Funnies in my head, but of course I have forgotten most of them. Here are a few:

- Today I laid down with Elijah, hoping he would nap with me. He has been soooo tired and crabby since dropping his naps, so we occasionally try to get him to sleep during the day when he needs it. Today he wanted to play and tickle and giggle in bed, so I wrapped my arms around him super tight. We were drifting off to sleep and he started to speak a little gibberish. He kept whispering HOT DOGGY into my ear. :) I knew if I laughed he would wake up, so I stifled the laughs and we drifted off to sleep.

- Yesterday Elijah said, "Mom, do you call me 'Wittle Man'?" I said yes and he said, "Ok, you're my Wittle Wady!"

- Sammy started doing a funny new dance move tonight (what is with my boys and their dance moves?) that looks like he is in the gym doing squats.

That's all my brain can come up with for now. It is decompress time! Thanks for checking in!


Cecilia said...

I hope everything will be fine with Elijah's eyes and mole.

Megan, what happened to your job? Never mind, it is always good to spend quality time with your lovely boys.

Take care xoxo

Anonymous said...

We know a great eye doc if you're interested. She's been wonderful and Jade's been seeing her since she was 6 months old.

jencooper said...

We are praying for you. We don't always understand God's plan for us...but He always knows what He is doing.

I am hoping that the eye and mole are easy fixes.

Thanks for the funnies!!

Hang in there!!

Wendy said...

Eli has esotropia, a form of strabismus where an eye wanders inward. Glasses can help correct the issue and so can vision therapy (specialized eye exercises to correct the issue permanently) An ophthalmologist will want to surgically correct it, but if the underlying cause is not corrected you run the risk of the eye once again turning inward. I am a certified vision therapist and can talk you through some exercises and also help you find specialists in your area. Just let me know and I will help in any way possible.