Monday, January 16, 2012


Ever since Elijah's eye appointment last Friday, his left eye has remained crossed almost constantly. I cannot wait to get his glasses so we can help his vision and wandering eye.

Aside from eye issues, there are two main Elijah themes in our house lately: POOP and behavior. If we're not cleaning poop out of his pants, we are dealing with some sort of undesirable behavior (talking back, saying bad words, hitting/yelling at Sammy). Most nights I go to bed feeling like a terrible mother because I always end up losing my cool at some point during the day with that boy. He is SO strong-willed and he pushes his boundaries to the very limits, and beyond. He is such a sweet, kind, caring little boy, but when he decides to exert that out!

The past two weeks have been quite an adjustment period. We no longer have daycare for the boys since I am home full-time now, so that in itself is an adjustment! Dan is looking for full-time work and we are making major decisions regarding health insurance and finances. I am also attempting to grow my food blog and also my photography business.

Yesterday at church we were reminded how different our boys are. We attempted to drop Sam off in the nursery for the first time ever. We got paged after 15 minutes because he had been CRYING THE ENTIRE TIME. It had gotten to the point where he didn't want anyone even close to him, so he was on one side of the room lying on the floor screaming and everyone else was on the other side, watching. The second I walked into the room, he ran to me (stumbling over toys in his path) and buried his little face in my chest (and sucked his thumb, of course) and stayed like that for twenty straight minutes. He wouldn't even let Dan hold him! Then there's Elijah. On our way down to Sunday School, he started yelling, "I COMING! HERE I COME!" He couldn't have been more excited to spend time with friends.

That's all we have for now! Sorry no photos today..


Deb Nichols said...

We are very much in the same parenting boat, dear friend! Sounds like my Ellery is your Sammy and my Audrey is your Elijah:) I HATE it when I "lose my cool", which probably happens daily, unfortunately. All we can do is give it our best, recognize our weaknesses and try better the next time, right? I'm right there with ya, chica! Love to you all!


Cecilia said...

You are such a wonderful Mom and its normal to lose your cool sometimes.

jencooper said...

Hang in there with everything that is going on. We have been praying for God's will to be done.

As for Mr. E....seriously...I can't imagine if we got him and Grace together. They are completely cut from the same cloth. I lose my cool too...who said parenting was easy??

Love you guys!!

Sarah said...

Again... Elijah and Evan reminding me of one another. I have said that exact same sentence - "He is such a sweet, kind, caring little boy, but when he decides to exert that out!" I lose my cool and feel horrible as well. I feel better when I tell him that I'm sorry but here is the reason why Mommy got so upset. In the end we are just doing the very best we can to be good Mommy's. God chose us for Evan & Elijah : )

Evan wrote a story once at school that said how much he loved his Mommy but that "sumtimes my Mom goes crasy" EEKKKK!!! Thankfully I knew the teacher and we shared a laugh (mine was a little faked).

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MDPhoto said...

Ug. Kade doesn't exactly fit on a training potty and claimed that the big potty chair "hurt." We bought one of those cushioned toilet seats and ever since, he's been 90% better. I suppose I should have listened to him when he said it hurt. He always seems to save the other 10% for when we are out and without wipes. Boys. :/

Kathy said...

I would LOVE to see Elijah and Gracie in the same room....priceless!

Megan...if you'd like me to send you video footage of ME losing it (which I'm sure the kids could send you one daily)...You're an amazing mom and the boys are lucky to have you.

I'm so sick of insurance and money issues....sorry that you're having to spend one precious minute thinking about those things.

Let me know if I can do anything for you guys.