Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reclaiming my home

Sometimes I wonder what condition my house (and life and health) would be in, in say a few more years, if I had kept right on working full-time. I can't imagine what people must have thought upon entering our home even a few short months ago. It was awful! One of the many nice things about being home full-time is having time to care for my home! I have been cleaning and organizing and doing all of the things I always wished I had time for.

Please don't judge me based on this "before" picture! Here is the far corner of our kitchen before my little organizing hands got a hold of it.

And here it is after! All the boys' crafts, markers, activity books, play-doh and paper are now neatly organized. My cookbooks are organized, some of them hidden. My food photography table looks neat, and I don't want to cry when I glance in the direction of this corner of our home. Ahhhh!


jencooper said...

Want to come and do mine next?

Cecilia said...

Wow, what a transformation, you've done a brilliant job!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Ehlan said...

Seriously beautiful. :) There are few things I love more than organization.