Thursday, January 12, 2012

Croup: Season 4, Round 5 (Elijah)

Elijah woke up with croup two nights ago. We did the standard procedure, and all was well. He hasn't had any symptoms since, aside from a few extra sneezes.

Thanks to a very kind doctor (who was probably sensing my anxiety more than anything), Elijah is scheduled to be seen by an opthamologist tomorrow morning already! His drifting left eye has caused some mama worry this week, so I am incredibly thankful that we can get answers so quickly. We are praying hard for GOOD news.

Back to the boy craziness. I just wanted to give a quick croup update. I will post details tomorrow morning after E's appointment!


Ehlan said...

Phew... I just caught up on your blog after like 4 months of no blogginess for me. :) Miss you guys! Now that you are unemployed, we should plan another play date!

Cecilia said...

Hope your little man is o.k. now xoxo

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