Thursday, January 19, 2012

Croup: Season 2, Round 2 (Sammy)

I love this string of photos. Our boys do have moments when they appear to love each other. :)

Sammy woke up very early in the evening last night with a horrible croup episode. I didn't think anything could scare me more than Elijah's early episodes of croup, but this rivaled those times. It was scary! Thank goodness he didn't panic because he was really struggling to breathe, even being totally calm. Dan tried to take him outside, but it was freezing! Plus I don't know that it would have done much, so we opted for an epi neb which was a first for Sammy. The epi neb pulled through, like it always does with Elijah, and after about 10 minutes Sammy was breathing a ton better. We put him back to bed, but I was a nervous wreck of a mama. We have never gotten clearance from a doctor to give him oral steroids, so I wasn't comfortable giving him that. Not having the steroids as a "back-up" had me on edge for the entire rest of the night. This morning he sounded fine, aside from a bit of a cough. We're on our toes again tonight!

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the boy pics. :)


jencooper said...

They are such cuties!!

Glad that Sir Sam is feeling better.

Kathy said... have to worry about croup for BOTH boys now? Oh, I'd be a nervous wreck too.

I hope they let you get some rest this weekend.

thanks for sharing their cutie pie faces!

Cecilia said...

Hopefully Sam feels better now.

I like all the photos of your two little men!

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!