Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And my baby turns three.

Three years ago today was one of the most memorable days of my life. Our sweet, growly-voiced little Samson was born very early in the morning on a Friday. I will never forget his deep little cry or his sweet demeanor or the desire to have him next to me every minute of every day. I still feel that. I always want to be close to my boy, and thankfully he wants that still, too. We all love this little monkey to pieces. He is one very special little boy.

I think he had a good day. I LOVE making our boys' birthdays as special as possible. Birthdays are important and they should be filled with fun and good things.

In standard Sammy fashion, he refused to do anything I asked him to do today. "Smile, Sam!" and out comes the tongue. "Sammy, will you take the pink jewels off your face?" "NO." Ohhh-kaayyy!

Elijah got home from his last day of kindergarten (pics tomorrow!) and the boys had lunch together. As I snapped the below pic, Elijah calmly and slowly said, "Mom. Please stop taking pictures." :)

Sammy opened a few more fun gifts. Lucky boy. :)

I love this action shot. :) 

Can you tell Elijah is just as (if not more) excited to see the Monsters, Inc toy?

We took Sammy out for dinner at Applebee's, which has become a tradition for the boys' birthdays. He deals with being sung to a bit differently than his brother, but it was fun to see smiles on his beautiful face. He wanted to order FRENCH FRIES, so french fries he got. And chicken. And a sundae.

Have you noticed a nose-picking theme when Sam is put on the spot? Silly boy. If you want the recipe for this super fun, calorie-laden and DELICIOUS cake, stay tuned here! I will post it within the next week.

Cake was devoured and then bed. Both boys went to bed without a peep, which is highly unusual. It was a good day of celebrating our youngest boy who we love so much. Happy 3rd birthday, Sammy!

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