Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mustaches and mud!

Click here for the recipe for Sammy's birthday cake!

And here are a few silly boy pics from the weekend..

We were so excited to get a visit from my bestest friend Heather and her awesome kiddos this past weekend. We had tons of fun together, as we always do, although the weather didn't exactly cooperate with our plans. Before they arrived, I did something I had never done before! I ran in a mud race with my sister-in-law Christine and two friends. We had a blast! Ok, so running straight up two entire ski hills wasn't exactly fun, but the the experience as a whole was fun and we proved to be a great team.

Here is a pic of us after finishing (we finished in one hour and three minutes!) and getting rinsed off a bit. At one point we were running with totally goopy muddy legs, torsos, arms and hands and our shoes weighed about 10 pounds each. Then we went down the giant slide that got us (mostly) clean and filled with suds!

(photo credit: Aubrey Mathews)

Here we are before the race, clean and fresh! :)

                                                       (photo credit: Aubrey Mathews)

The below pic was physically the toughest point of the entire race for me. My most difficult mental part was the balance beam, which I wouldn't have expected beforehand. I freaked out half-way across, but thankfully my awesome team talked me through it.

                                                         (photo credit: Aubrey Mathews)

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already and that the little boys and I leave for our big road trip in LESS THAN A MONTH! Yikes! We have much to plan before then, but we are very much looking forward to it. It is going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Just a few tidbits before I sign off for the night..

Elijah needs foot orthotics again. He had them when he was two for about a year because his ankles turned in when he was upright. His feet are super flat, so he typically walks with his feet turned out for stabilization. We will likely take care of this in the fall, after croc season. :)

E will be having a cavity filled in the morning. It's the exact same spot as the last two. The filling from the last round fell off and created the perfect cavity pool. Hopefully this filling will take care of it for good, and with little to no stress.

A few more of my most favorite mispronounced Sammy words:

I will end with the funniest quote of the week and perhaps the month!
Dan had Sunday night free due to bad weather, so we took the opportunity to enjoy a meal out as a family. Totally out of the blue in a moment of silence, Sammy said, "Daddy! What's the name of the restaurant where you took your pants off?!" Uhhh.... Dan? Is there something you should share? :) Never a dull moment with these silly boys.

That's all for now! Thanks for checking in! OH! I was going to ask you all to leave a comment on this post. We would love for you to say hello, or more or whatever. We want to know you're there! It would be so fun to see 25 comments in the morning. :) Elijah would be thrilled to read through them all. Thank you and good night!


christine said...

Hi Elijah and Sammy,
So Elijah goes to the dentist today? I wish I was going to the dentist today. I also have a filling that needs replacing. So I think Elijah might just motivate me to make MY OWN APPOINTMENT.

Anyhow, Bjorn has another couple of paintings he wants to send you guys - so perhaps I will mail them tomorrow while you are at the dentist. That way you would have them in a couple of days.

Tell the Muddy Mom congratulations on her run! What an amazing thing to do. Can you take a nap part way through the race?

Bye Bye

The Portas said...

Thanks for being the brave one to comment first, Christine! The boys were SO excited to read their "letter" this morning. :)

Come on, commenters!! :)

Amy Anderson Maifeld said...

Hiya Porta family! We are here and reading! It's always great to see your news and photos. We can't wait to see you in July!

Amy (and Mitch and Wilson)

Charlotte said...

Elijah and Sammy,

I love to read about all the funny things you do. Your mommy is a great story teller. I can't wait to read another update. Have a good day

Charlotte Janway

Anonymous said...

Hi E & S:

Lets get together and have lunch with your Mom soon. Megan give me a call when you get back from your whirl wind trip. Sue A.
I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I read your blog pretty regularly! I can't even remember how I found it. Started reading mommy blogs a couple of summers ago when I was off work (I teach 5th grade) and bored. I am married to the most amazing man and we have one doggie-daughter together. Her name is Atari:) My husband got her for me on our first Valentine's Day together and we have been a family for over 12 years now!

Have a great day,
Denver, CO

The Smith's said...

The Smith's are here! We love Elijah and Sammy and the whole Porta family. You guys are great!

Sarah said...

Hi guys! We are so excited to be seeing you soon! Evan wants to show you around the zoo - and the splash park. Evan doesn't have any brothers or sisters so he is excited to have you guys over. Your Mommy is a really good cook, based off blog reading, and I'm not. Maybe we'll just eat out or you will love Eric's (Evan's Daddy) grilling while you're here. I've loved your family for a long time and connected with your Mom years ago when we met online. I'm a heart Mommy too. More than that though - we are just COOL MAMA's so we "get" one another. So - can't wait to see you guys in the Bluegrass State! We are going to have a great time! xoxo Sarah, Eric and Evan

Lynn said...

Hello Elijah and Sam!!!! Hope you are having a blast so far this summer. I love your photos with your mustaches. You both are so cute. Much cuter than my boys who are 25 and 24 and have mustaches. :-) You boys come up with the cutest sayings. You both are so smart!!!! Sammy's birthday cake sure looked yummy. I showed it to my son, who is 24, and he says he wants Me to make him one of those cakes!!!! Thank you for letting your Mom share it with all of us! Have a fun summer and can't wait to read about your road trip. Be good for your Mom!!!!

Amy S said...

Hi Elijah and Sammy,

Thanks for letting me see your pictures with the mustaches, those are SO funny!

The birthday cake looks like the yummiest thing I've ever seen. I LOVE Swiss Cake Rolls.

Hope you guys are doing something fun today and that the sun is shining so you can play outside.

Amy from Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elijah and Sammy,

The Swiss rolls cake looks very yummy! I might have to make it for my dad's birthday coming up in July. I hope you all are having a great summer so far! It is very hot where I live in South Georgia but I hope to go swimming soon so I can cool off! Enjoy your summer!

Maggie Johnson