Friday, June 14, 2013

Tidbits as of late

I knew we'd get some good comments from readers on my previous-previous-previous post. Thanks, you guys!! They made our day! Elijah sat at my computer this morning and read every one of your words. If any of you are local and ever want a play date, let me know! We are always looking to get out with new friends. Email me at

The boys and I had a fun day today while Dan was at the dropzone working. Even though Elijah woke up tired (again...that early bird!) and Sammy woke up with a very mild cold, their demeanors were better than usual today. Yay! We made a trip to the post office and to their favorite park, which they refer to as the Colorful Park. When Sammy was a baby, he pronounced it something like, "uh-[stick tongue out of mouth quickly while saying L sound]-er-full-park." So we still pronounce it that way. All of us. It's cute and it reminds us of Sammy's sweet baby days.

Then we took an early nap (Sam) and did quiet play time (Elijah) and dozed on the couch (Mama). After that was club, and then...PICNIC POPSICLE NIGHT! We had a picnic on our lawn, followed by popsicles. Then I heard the ice cream truck coming, so I ushered the boys inside and encouraged Sammy to turn up the music on his electric keyboard. :) It didn't work. After 10 seconds, Sam said, "Mom. That's the ice cream truck!" Ugh. So I let them each pick out another treat. Summer was in the air today, so I felt like they needed to experience it. Finally. After the longest winter ever.

Sammy is so stinkin' cute that I can hardly stand it. His smile melts my heart and his little lisp turns me into a puddle. The way he turns any word that begins with "sm" or "sp" into "f" is adorable. "Mom! We're driving through a fooky forest!" "Mom! Look at the filey face I drew!" He always has his own agenda and wants to do EVERYTHING himself. This gets frustrating in certain circumstances, such as when getting in and out of cars. He has to open the door himself, crawl in (sometimes taking his sweet time), get in his car seat, secure his own buckle and close and lock the door. I suppose if I were watching from afar I might chuckle, but it can get frustrating. His big bro, on the other hand, welcomes any and all help! :) "Mom, put me in my seat!" Elijah, you are TOO BIG.

I have said this so many times, but Elijah and Sammy are on the same "level" in so many ways. They enjoy the same tv shows, they play with the same toys and they enjoy similar humor. This tells me that either Elijah is a bit immature emotionally or that Sammy is mature emotionally, or perhaps a bit of both. It doesn't matter, though. It's great! They are a funny team, and most of the time they thoroughly enjoy one another. They enjoy wrestling with each other and playing kitchen and barns and airport and house and office. Our upstairs will transform into various states from the US and our downstairs will become various cities. They are creative! I love that they get along so well, even if they pit against me now and then. :)

We are planning to head to the dropzone tomorrow and spend two nights there. We are all excited! We love our time away from the city and the fresh air and good friends. Thank you so much for checking in! More adventures to come!

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Deb Nichols said...

Hi Portas! Just wanted to say that I love your family. Elijah and Sammy are so cute, smart and sweet! I wish we lived closer so we could get together. Although we have only had the pleasure of meeting your boys once or twice (once when E was just a babe:), I feel like I know them by way of reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us! xoxoxo