Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sammy's 3rd birthday party

Sammy remembered celebrating his past two birthdays at the dropzone, so he requested another birthday party there this year. With Dan working, it is convenient to be there and not to have him miss out on work and also have him be a part of Sammy's party. It is a special time for Sam, and it works out well. This year was colder than the past two, but the rain held off till after we wrapped up.

This photo was taken by my friend, Monica, and I love it! Thanks, Monica!

The next few pics are a series of funny Elijah poses. :)

And there you go. Our family ham! The series ends with a brotherly hug.

We had a turtle piƱata this year, which Sammy lovingly named Ivor. The kids had fun whacking the cute little Ivor to pieces. I even got a sucker-shrapnel wound on the forehead by standing too close to the whacking.

A little help from Daddy was needed in between jumps.

The boys were grateful for the friends and family who came to the party. The beautiful Veda is always fun to have around!

This is the exact cake we got for Sammy last year. He remembered it and asked for it again. 

This a photo of pained faces, attempting to obey their mama and NOT touch the birthday cake. I want frosting. Mama said no. I really want frosting. Mama's right there.

I always tell you about what a funny little person Sammy is. When we started singing "Happy Birthday" to him, he immediately put his finger up his nose. Nice. But it made everyone laugh. :)

It is rare that I am able to capture a genuine Sammy smile on camera. He keeps himself pretty guarded when cameras are out and when "other" people are around. Here is genuine happiness captured! Success!

Dan's mom got this house for Sam and it was the "hit" of the party. ALL of the kids surrounded it and stared at/played with it for 30+ minutes.

This is one of Elijah's tired positions, and a sign that he needed a nap.

Grandma and Sammy. :)

Sammy's birthday is on Tuesday, so we will do a small celebration with just the four of us at home. Today I asked him if he wanted any special meals on his big day and he said, "BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!" So we will make blueberry pancakes for our boy. We typically take the boys to Applebee's for birthday dinners, so we are planning to do that, as well. Thankfully, Dan has Tuesdays off work, so we will all be able to spend the day together.

I have been thinking about Elijah A LOT lately. This happens every few months or so. I'll continue collecting my thoughts and report on this after Sammy's big day. We have two super special and awesome little boys. I love them both to PIECES!

I'll end with a few things I've posted on Facebook recently that are funny/cute/awesome. Have a GREAT week, and thank you so much for checking in on our family.

The boys were talking about what color their eyes were when Elijah said, "What color are Mama's eyes, Sam?"
Sammy: Mommy has one brown eye and one green eye.
Me: Well you and Elijah BOTH have the prettiest eyes of all!
Sammy: You have pretty eyes, too, Mom.
Elijah: And you're so cute and the prettiest mom ever. AND you're so shiny and clean like a bath shower! 

That 30 seconds made the 2 glasses of spilled milk I had just cleaned up totally worth it.

A few of my favorite words that Sammy mispronounces:
UPS truck=new PS truck

While Elijah was sitting in a time-out tonight, Sammy peeked his head out of the door right next to him and said in a deep monotone voice, "I am not a giant hot dog," and closed the door. The mood was suddenly lightened.

Note to self: Do not tell Sammy not to eat something that shouldn't be eaten. This 100% guarantees that he will do it. The "bean" from our Don't Spill the Beans game certainly was not super delicious.


jencooper said...

Love those boys....can't wait to meet them in person!!!

Happy birthday to Sammy!

mina said...

Happy birthday, Sammy!