Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sun, warmth and adventures!

It is finally warm enough to do Elijah's most favorite thing in the world. GO SWIMMING! Oh my goodness, this boy loves water. He was in the pool for two straight hours today and he could have stayed for five more. I HAVE to get him swimming on his own! He's such a little fishy.

Sammy, on the other hand. Oh Sammy. As his mama I know not to push anything on him. If I do, he will put up a huge fight, even if that something happens to be the most fun thing in the world. Dan and I always joke with him and say things like, "Sammy! Let's go to Disney World!" And he screams, "NOOO! I don't WANT to!" "Sammy, eat an entire bowl full of candy!" "NOOOO!" "Sammy, let's skip nap today!" "NOOOO!"

So today at the pool, our first time there this year, I knew not to push it. I asked him once if he wanted me to put his swim trunks on. "NOOOO!" Ok, fine. Once he saw that Elijah and all the other kids were having super tons of fun he came to me and said, "Mama, please put my swim trunks on." :) So I did. But then he wouldn't allow me to remove his shirt. Or his shoes. Or socks. Seriously!

About 20 minutes later, he sat down and took off his own shoes and socks and got his toes wet. I asked him if he wanted help with his shirt. "NOOOO!" Then I saw him struggling to take his shirt off. He still wouldn't ask for help and it never came off. And he didn't get very far in the water. As with everything, he needs major warming up and a few rounds of it and it HAS to be his idea. He'll get there and I know he will enjoy the pool eventually! Sammy does NOT like being told what to do. He is one very independent little guy! He sat on the sidelines for most of the time we were at the pool while Elijah wandered off a little bit too eagerly. It is a challenge keeping an eye on my water-boy AND my chair-boy. Eventually I just put a life jacket on E today so I could relax a little bit.

One of the funny things E likes to do is hike his pants up to his chest and make us all giggle. :)

I obsessively sprayed our boys with sunscreen all day and in the process didn't think about myself! My shoulders are feeling slightly tingly tonight, but I have to admit that it feels good. After a very very very long winter, I am not complaining. I want more! We turned our air on tonight for one of the first times this year. Yay! Summer is here!

One Sammy funny that I gathered from today:
sunscreen = sun-scream

We have a super busy but fun weekend ahead of us! Can't wait to share about it. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading, you guys! xo

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Sarah said...

Adelyn calls it sun scream too. Cracks me up every time.