Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scaling walls

THANK YOU for your sweet comments that you left for the boys! Elijah read through a few of them tonight and asked, "When can I meet [insert name], Mom?" about each of you (about 25 times each). We will finish reading through the rest tomorrow. The boys LOVE reading letters/notes from people. They get almost obsessive about it, asking super detailed questions about each of you that I usually don't have answers for.

I had a work day today while the boys spent the day at their awesome daycare. They haven't been there in months, but I am currently overwhelmed with work and I desperately needed a productive day. As I left the house to pick them up this afternoon, I shut the door behind me and keys are inside. Dan was at work an hour away and we do not keep a spare anywhere. The only option was somehow climbing up to our second floor window and getting in through our bedroom since I could see that the window was open.

My neighbor and I tracked down a ladder from a sweet couple down the street. A very sweet man carried his ladder to my house. We perched it in the bed of my neighbor's pick-up and I climbed (barefoot) up the ladder and onto the roof. I scaled over to our bedroom window and was able to get in.  And off I went to pick up the boys! :) I will be making a copy of our house key tomorrow!

There's never a dull moment with us, and I think I prefer it that way. There is still time to comment on my previous-previous post! :) Thanks for checking in. xo

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