Sunday, February 16, 2014

So long, Pillow Pets!

Our living room today before the Pillow Pet delivery!

SO many people gave generously in order to make this Pillow Pet ordeal happen and we feel so grateful for the generosity of our friends, family and perfect strangers! When we got to the hospital I went inside to let the security guard know what to expect. His response: "Uhhh...300....Pillow Pets?!? Okie dokie! Bring 'em in!" So we did! We unloaded FIVE carloads of PPs!

I think we overwhelmed the poor security guard a bit. :)

Here is Elijah and his heart pal Eli, posing in front of 300 snuggly Pillow Pets!

The delivery crew! We are so thankful for these kind friends of ours for donating their time today.

And here is our kitchen, minus hundreds of Pillow Pets. It felt strange to look at this empty scene upon arriving home. We have gotten so used to the PILE, literally climbing over bags just to use the restroom. The boys infused love into every single PP that entered our home, so we were a little bit sad to say good-bye. But we are so very happy knowing that each one of them will be in loving, happy arms.

The boys were able to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa this afternoon while Dan and I sneaked away for a movie. It was a huge treat all around. Elijah and Sammy LOVE time at Grandma's house and Dan and I rarely get time "away" alone.

This week: memory-attention-learning testing for Elijah, attempting to juggle his school schedule and a special ed re-eval meeting (gulp). We're still in the process of figuring things out for our oldest cutie, and we know it will only get easier from here. Thank you so much for checking in!


jencooper said...

So proud of all of you for this!! Such an amazing thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You are such an amazing family!

Blessings to you for all the joy you brought to the hospital kids.

Lori & Charlie