Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pillow Pet power!

We won't have our final numbers till Sunday, but I wanted to share where we are at with our big Pillow Pet project! We currently have 270 Pillow Pets (along with 35 other stuffed animals/comfort items) for the kids at Children's Hospital!! This is INCREDIBLE! We are still receiving boxes in the mail almost daily (the UPS, USPS and FedEx drivers must be downright SICK of us!), but we plan to make the big delivery this Sunday. Thankfully we have had a handful of people offer to help with transport because we have two cars, one of which is not running. We would need to make approximately 25 trips if we were doing this on our own!

Every time our doorbell rings, the boys excitedly yell, "MORE PILLOW PETS!" and they run to open the door and literally SQUEAL when they see more boxes sitting outside. Elijah asks at least daily, "Why are we giving Pillow Pets to the kids, Mom?!" I am loving this lesson in Giving. This is the perfect way to show them why it is good to do kind things for others. Elijah has fresh memories of being sad and sick in a hospital, so he knows how good it feels to receive love during times like that. He gets it. He always ends our conversations with, "Yeah, it'll make the kids happy, Mom."

I'll wrap up with a few Sammy and Elijah funnies:

Me: Sammy, did you just wipe a booger on me?!
Sammy: Nooo! It was just some stuff from my nose.

Me: How are you feeling this morning?
Elijah: Extremely exstrangeable. 

Sammy: "Elijah, leave my toy ALONE! ..... MOM! Elijah is traumaticking me!"

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