Monday, February 3, 2014

A miracle before our eyes!

We still know nothing specific about the EEG results, aside from the fact that they were "abnormal." We have an appointment on Wednesday morning at 8:00 to discuss the results with Elijah's neurologist. It's anxiety-inducing to think about it, if I'm being honest. I know it'll be an answer for us and it's another step toward figuring out the Elijah Puzzle, but I am a mama and I do worry.

Now for amazing, miraculous news that will blow you away. If you don't believe in God and the power of prayer, you might reconsider after reading this. You might remember me writing about what Dr. L said to us after E's recent ear surgery. He told us that there was very very little hope that Elijah would ever be able to hear again out of his left ear. He said that the only reason he was telling us there was a chance was because he didn't like to say the word "never."

You know the rest of the story. We have been moving forward with the assumption that Elijah's left ear is deaf and will be forever. In the past week or so, though, Elijah has been insisting that he can hear a little bit out of his left ear. Dan and I have tested him a few times by plugging his right ear and whispering very softly into his left ear. He was actually repeating words back to us! But I still thought that maybe his right ear was just super-human.

Fast forward to today. Dan brought E to see Dr. L for surgery follow-up. They gave him a hearing test to check for the small chance that there might be residual conductive hearing. Guess what. HE HAS CONDUCTIVE HEARING. It's minimal, just like it was before surgery, but it exists! The doctor said, "There is really no way to explain this." Dan said, "Yes there is! Prayer!" There have been so many people praying for Elijah about this specific thing in the past month. SO MANY PEOPLE. Dan has been telling me since January 7th, as I sat crying in the waiting room at Children's Hospital after being told that Elijah would be deaf is his left ear for his entire life, "A miracle is going to happen. He is NOT going to be deaf. I just know it." Sure enough, my faithful husband has been right all along.

Elijah's footplate on his left side was literally broken in half and totally damaged. It had been that way for some time, based on the fact that there was no fluid in or around it. The fact that even a few cells survived is a miracle. THANK YOU all for praying. Thanks to your prayers, a miracle has happened right before our eyes and our oldest boy will be able to hear again.

At some point this coming summer, we'll do another surgery to check for cholesteatoma regrowth and also to see how much hearing can be restored in that ear. Until then, we will manage with what we have! Elijah has been cleared to return to school for half days for one month, and hopefully he'll be ready for full days after that. I'm waiting to hear back from a few people from his school, but I'm assuming we can get him back soon! (Pray for good-behavior angels to surround him, please.)

One last thing that made us giggle. Dan was explaining to Dr. L about the abnormal EEG and how we are trying to put all of these puzzle pieces together to figure out what is going on. Dr. L said, "Elijah's just an evil genius, controlling everybody's minds." There you go, puzzle solved. :)

And THERE YOU can now say you know someone who God performed a miracle upon.


jencooper said...

Oh my gosh....I just laughed out loud at the evil genius comment!! So funny!!

christine said...

I am so happy to hear that Elijah has some hearing going on in that ear!

Good luck with the EEG results tomorrow!