Sunday, February 9, 2014

School tomorrow!

Elijah was a very good sport, having all of that stuff on his head for 24 hours (as expected...he is always a good sport about medical stuff). Removing the wires, tape and glue was mildly traumatic, but we took care of it quickly to reduce the trauma. We don't expect to hear results from this EEG for a few we wait patiently. We are fine with that. We are getting used to this patience thing lately!

I will be walking Elijah to the bus at the end of our driveway in the (freezing cold!) morning tomorrow for the first time in two months! It seems crazy that it has been so long. I feel simultaneously happy and anxious about it. I know that he needs school, the social parts and the academics. But I'm anxious about other parts that we have no control over. All we can do is pray that this last part of the year will be a mildly positive experience for him.

That's all for tonight. We wish you all a GREAT week! Thank you for checking in on us! We love you all!

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jencooper said...

Saying lots of prayers for everyone involved in E's day today!!! Love you guys!