Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cardiology report

Elijah had a routine cardiology visit today with Dr. G. His heart function looks great, his valve looks great and the pressures in his heart are at about the same place they were six months ago. There is always concern about that right pulmonary artery, as it has never been "normal." Dr. G wants to see Elijah back in 6 months and we will plan to do a heart cath soon after that. Great report!

We did not, however, receive a great report from school today. I feel like I get a few more socks to the gut with each passing day. It is not fun hearing about the things he is doing and saying to his teachers and friends. :( I think I may have to start having Dan field some of these calls/emails because I don't know if I can handle hearing these things every day!

I am planning to go into his classroom for a bit on Friday to observe. Maybe, just maybe, there is something I can suggest to his teacher that will help. Please keep praying about this with us!

Thanks for checking in!

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Holly said...

Megan... I so understand your pain. We had a really hard year with our 7 year old (1st grade is tough, for the record) last year, and I literally felt like I wanted throw up every time my phone rang. Even though things are much improved now, I still have a pang of anxiety when the phone rings. You guys are doing the right things, hang in there it will get better!!!