Sunday, October 20, 2013

The apple fortress and a prayer request

This weekend I am thankful for lousy weather. This has been our first FULL weekend all together as a family at home in months. It has been wonderful!

On Friday we went to a new apple orchard, or "apple fortress," as Sammy called it. :)

We had a great time picking apples and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and spilling our apple cider and having to purchase a new cup as it dripped down my back and all over the barn floor. 

On Saturday the boys earned a trip to the movie theater, so we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, or "Channy and the Meatballs 2," as Sammy called it. Elijah was sure to correct him, so he has it right now. :)

And today brought another fun adventure, which I will save for later in the week. For now, a prayer request..

Elijah will be having surgery on his left ear on Tuesday at noon. The surgeon will go in through the skull bone behind his ear. He will look for regrowth of the mass that was removed in April. If there is regrowth, he'll remove it and we'll come back in 6ish months. If there is no evidence of regrowth, he will place a prosthetic device that will hopefully restore hearing in that ear. If he is able to place a prosthesis, life will be very gentle for a few weeks. The surgeon explained that even a big sneeze could dislodge the device and require additional surgery.

Please pray for our oldest boy on Tuesday! Pray for a successful surgery and for great news and as uneventful of a day as possible. Also pray for peace for all of us! Sammy included, as he will spend the day away from his family.

Later in the week I will share photos from today's fun adventure! Thank you so much for checking in and for PRAYING!


dxeechick said...

great photos! and you guys are in my prayers. best of luck!

Paula Weiss said...

LOVE the pics, Honey! Thanks! Good to chat today-- we'll be prayin'!

jencooper said...

I love those boys!!!! Awesome pics!

Saying lots of prayers for Sir E.

Sarah said...

All these pics are awesome - that last one of Dan and his boys - that is so stinkin cute!