Friday, October 11, 2013

Gut punch

Elijah received his third behavior referral form today. :( It has been a sad afternoon for me. He kicked his teacher and was very disruptive in class ("chronic disruption"). On the form she marked it as a "major" offense. The last two were minor offenses. This means that an in-school suspension is in the works for next week. This makes me sick to my stomach and so sad.

Please pray for him and for his teachers and us! Thank you.

ps. GREAT news of the day...Sammy had a great potty day! We are improving and doing GREAT! YAY SAMMY!!!

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christine said...

Sorry about the behavior issue. I just don't think ISS will be beneficial to Elijah - but I know the school has to stick by their preset rules. Hopefully the sun light and mending the sleep issue will work. It HAS to! How does anyone (including you and Dan) get by on so little sleep?